Topps redemptions.....

How many of you have been waiting on redemption(s) from Topps. I had 5 outstanding, some since 2011. Today I receive an envelope that includes the following letter.
I just hope this one card is not a replacement for all 5 of the outstanding redemption(s) I've been waiting on.
This card replaces a 2011 Topps Minor League Heritage of Nolan Arenado. I received the following:
According to the letter. This card is a special print that is not available in packs and the only way to get this card is as a replacement for redemptions that are outstanding.
I did a quick search on Ebay to see what others are being sent out and found A-Rod, Gary Carter, George Brett among the other replacement cards being issued. I would take this as a replacement for the Arenado. According to the Arenado books for $40. I would think the value of this Snider card is greater $40. It is 098/199.
I'm still waiting on a 2012 Topps Finest Leonys Martin Jumbo Green Relic Refractor, a 2012 Bowman Draft Richie Shaffer, 2011 Topps Finest Aaron Crow and a 2012 Bowman Sterling Addison Russell.

If any of you guys are waiting on a redemption(s) from Topps you could be getting a replacement in the mail shortly.

Really would like to know why Topps has such a back log on redemptions? Leaf and Panini seemed to be more organized. Last time I had a Leaf redemption it only took about 3 weeks to get the card after I claimed it online.
It does seem that Topps is making a concerted effort to make us a little happier.

I also reached another milestone here on my blog. I reached 15,000 views sometime in the last week and would like to Thank everyone for Reading!!

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!


Anonymous said…
Have been waiting for nearly 2 years for a couple of 2011 Matt Harvey redemptions. Topps would often ignore inquiries about the Harvey's as there customer service is horrible. Finally got some good news last week as Topps has finally gotten Harvey to sign his cards & will start shipping out this week. Finally after a 2 year wait.
Howie K said…
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