Akron Aeros @ Trenton Thunder

Game 28 is the Akron Aeros @ Trenton Thunder. Akron is the AA affiliate of the Cleveland Indians and the Thunder are the Yankees affiliates. This was my first trip back to Trenton since last season.

I had 2 goals for going to Trenton. The first was the Francisco Lindor. He is the 5th rated prospect by MLB and the top rated prospect in the Indians system and then Gary Sanchez who is ranked 30th overall by MLB and the Yankees top prospect.
I always find it easier to get to the stadium early for these type of prospects because inside it is usually a zoo to get them. The game was a 7pm and I got there around 1:15. I would have been there sooner. But, the traffic is crazy.
When I got their was only 3 other graphers, which surprised me for a saturday. I missed most of the Thunder. But, Sanchez had not arrived yet and I didn't miss the Akron bus either.
The first player I decided to get on what I thought was going to be a team ball for Trenton was Nic Turley who was a 50th rd pick in 2008. Well I hand him the ball and what does this kid do? He signs the sweat spot. I never asked for that. I should have asked him for $20 to replace the ball. I guess that will be another waisted ball. But, Turley is listed as the Yankees 17th overall prospect. So, maybe he will turnout well for me.
So, I decide to try again for a team ball and only get 3 guys on it. Reegie Corona, David Herndon, who had been a 5th rd pick in 2006 by the Angels and has had pitched in the majors in 2010, 11 & 12 with the Phillies and Tommy Kahnle, who was a 5th rd pick in 2010 by the Yankees.
Casey Stevenson also came thru but for some reason I got him on a generic baseball custom. Casey was a 25th rd pick in 2010 by the Yankees.

Then there was a little confusion among us graphers. We got Ramon Flores confused with Gary Sanchez and had thought he was blowing us off. By telling us he was not Sanchez. A short time later Sanchez was dropped off and I got him on an 8x10 and 1 card. Sanchez was signed in 2010 as an international free agent out of Dominican Republic and has been climbing thru the Yankees system. He had only arrived a few days ago in Trenton from Tampa.
The photo did not come out that great. The auto is next to his knee. I should have used silver or gold. His autograph is crap anyway. But, I think the card looks better.
Then the Akron team bus came. I was only concerned with 1 player coming off the bus. Francisco Lindor. First I got him to sign an 8x10 and then I figured why not get him again. He then signed 2 cards. Not to skip ahead. But, after the game outside I also got him on a OMLB on the SS. I couldn't pass up the chance to get a top 5 MLB prospect as many times as I could.

The gold on the 8x10 looks better in person and I think he gave a better autograph on the ball then the others.
When the gates opened I decided to hit the Akron side again and take another shot at Lindor. Apparently he as not played in a few days and he came into the duguout he ignored everyone and just sat on the bench. I went down to the far side of the dugout to see who else I could get.
I started a team ball for Akron and got the following:
Edwin Rodriguez, Akron's manager. Had 3 brief stints in the majors. 1982 with the Yankees and 1983 and 1985 with the Padres. Also managed the Marlins in 2010 and 2011.
Kyle Crockett, 4th rd pick in 2013. 3rd team since signing.
Jose Flores, International free agent
Trey Haley, 2nd rd pick in 2008
Jeff Johnson, 10th rd pick in 2010
Enosil Tejeda, International free agent
Carlos Moncrief, 14th rd pick in 2008
Cedric Hunter, 3rd rd pick in 2006 by the Padres and played in 6 games in the majors in 2011 with the Padres
Ronny Rodriguez, International free
Adam Abraham, 13th rd pick in 2008
Jake Lowery, 4th rd pick in 2011
Alex Monsalve, International free
I also got Austin Adams on 3 cards. Austin was a 5th rd pick in 2009. He missed all of 2012 after having shoulder surgery. Otherwise he probably would have been in the majors already.
Jose Rameriz, 1 card
                                                        Above is the Akron ball I had started

While outside before the game the word that Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson was to be at the game. But, we never saw him before the game. I did spot him in the dugout during the game and he seemed to be working with Gary Sanchez on his hitting.

I had a pretty good seat for the game and also scored a game ball at the end of an inning from Sanchez. He flipped it up onto the dugout and I grabbed it.
Now that Mr. October was at the game I had a new goal. Get his autograph. The game ended up going 13 inning with the Thunder winning. I had moved a little closer to the field hoping to get a chance at getting Reggie and at first I thought he would sign because he was sitting on the top step near the railing. But, as soon as the game ended he bolted to the clubhouse. He never looked up at us either when we calling him. From what I heard he never stopped and went directly to his car.
After the game I headed outside. As I mentioned earlier. Lindor did not sign inside and I got him outside after.
Lindor was great with signing. While he was signing he asked one of his teammates to tell the driver to wait while he signed for everyone.
Now the Akron bus was about to leave, I figured I would try again for Sanchez. But, he had already left. But, I did spot Slade Heathcott outside and had him sign a OMLB on the SS. Slade was a 1st rd pick in 2009 by the Yankees. He is listed as the 7th overall prospect in the Yankees system.

I was pretty happy with what I had gotten. 28 autographs on the night. Including 2 Top 100 prospects. It would have been a better night if Reggie would have signed.

The Ducks will be starting a home series on Thursday and I'm hoping to make it then and then maybe do the sunday pregame autosession again.
There is only a few more weeks in the minor league affiliated season and I'm hoping to make it to atleast 1 more affiliated game. But, not sure which one yet.

Sorry for some of the formating issues. Not sure what the proble is

Thanks for Reading and Check back soon!!!!