Matt Kemp is the Man!!!!!

Not sure if any of you saw this story about Matt Kemp who befriended a sick 19 old fan names Josh Jones in San Francisco on May 5th, just after the Dodgers got swepted by the Giants 3 months ago. If not, the story is worth reading and or watchhing the link below

Matt Kemp is the Man!!! I do not mind spending money to see athletes like Kemp. If you watch the video he say "There were no cameras on" He didn't have to do what he did. But, felt he needed to.
I'm not saying there are no other athletes like him. But, I wish there where more and I just wanted to give him props for such a classy move. In addition to what Kemp did on May 5th he then flew the Jones family to LA for a game and gave Josh a chance to meet the team.

Someone did capture the moment with a camera.

I doubt Matt Kemp will read this. But, I hope he knows just how special he made Josh Jones feel that day and I just wanted pass along my thoughts.
I've always thought Kemp was a good player. But, I'm now a Matt Kemp fan.

My Best goes out to the Jones Family and I hope they cherish the memorabilia that Matt Kemp gave them.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back soon!!