Blue Crabs @ Ducks playoffs game

Thursday night was Game 41 for me this season. To my surprise the Ducks held onto the division lead and won the 2nd half  Liberty Divsion. For those not familiar with the ATL. The season is broken up into 2 halves. The Blue Crabs won the Liberty Division in the first half.  The first round is a best of 5. This game was the 2nd game of the series. The Ducks won game 1.
I had cards for some new players on the Crabs and others I had where for players I had missed during the previous series.
Mike O'Connor, 3 cards. Mike was a 7th rd pick in 2002 by the Expos. In parts of 3 season he pitched in 35 games in the majors. 2006 and 2008 with the Nationals and in 2011 with the Mets. Mike also has pitched in the Royals, Padres, Twins and Yankees system. He seemed to be 3 per.
Jake Opitz, 3 cards. Jake was a 12th rd pick in 2008 by the Cubs. He played in the Cubs and Phillies system getting as high as AAA.
Gaby Hernandez, 8 cards with help. Gaby was a 3rd rd pick in 2004 by the Mets. He has also pitched in the Marlins, Mariners, Royals, D-Backs and White Sox systems getting as high as AAA
Ian Gac, 2 cards. ian was a 26th rd pick in 2003 by the Rangers. He has also played in the White Sox and started the season in AA in the Braves system. Ian maybe the only player in the ATL this season with a card in a major set for 2012.  He has a 2012 Bowman.
Cesar Nicolas, 1 card. Cesar was a 5th rd pick in 2004 by the D-Backs. Has also played in the Tigers system getting as high as AA
Alvin Colina, 1 card. Alvin played in 2 games with the Rockies in 2006. Since then he has been in the Braves and Rays system.
Brian Barton, 1 card. Brian was a 38th rd pick in 2000 by the Dodgers. He played in 82 major league games in 2008 with the Cardinals and 1 game in 2009 with the Braves. Has also been in the Indians and Reds system.
The only player I was hoping to get that night was former Met, Tim Redding. He never came thru the dugout before the game and I did not stay after.
The Ducks ended up winning that night and then won the next night in Southern Maryland to win the Division.
The Somerset Patriots swept the Sugar Land Skeeters to win the Freedom Division.
The Championship series starts next Wednesday here in Long Island, The Ducks play 2 here and then go to Somerset for the last 3. This is also a best of 5 series.
I hoping to go to atleast 1 more Ducks game and maybe 1 Mets game. I've only been to 1 this season and did not graph it.
Not sure I will graph the champtionship. The Patriots didnt add any new players. I will have to look and see who I need.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!