New Hampshite Fisher Cats @ Binghamton Mets

Last Sunday was the 3rd game of my 4 game weekend and it was my 35th game of the season.
The New Hampshire Fishercats played the Binghamton Mets in Binghamton, NY. The Fishercats are the AA affiliates of the Toronto Blue Jays. The Mets or the B-Mets as the locals call them came to Binghamton in 1992. The Mets previous AA was located in Williamsport Pa and were called the Bills. Binghamton was part of the Mariners system prior to the Mets affiliation. When the Mets arrived NYS&G stadium had just been built. I myself do not really like the minor league stadium that have the dark and dingy concourses below the stands. You can't see the game while on the concourse. New Britain and Binghamton were built a few years apart and are similar
I got to the stadium real early and their was only 1 other grapher. He was a local guy and was helpful with the few guys I didn't recognize.
Today my main goal was to get 2 players. The 12th overall rated prospect and the 92nd overall rated prospect by MLB
The 12th rated overall prospect by MLB is Noah Syndergaard. He is the Mets #1 rated prospect in their system. Noah is real friendly and usually signs alot. Today I was able to get him on 6 cards before the game and then on a OMLB just as he was sitting down in the stands before the game to chart.

The 92nd overall prospect by MLB is Long Island product Marcus Stroman. He is the Jays 3rd overall rated prospect in their systsem and a Duke graduate. Marcus grew up not far from were I grew up here on Long Island. I try to keep track of players from LI. Especially ones who are from my hometown. I got Marcus before the game on an OMLB and then again on an 8x10 inside the stadium just before the game. We chatted abit about Long Island and he is real friendly.
I had alot of cards and a handful of 8x10's to get signed. I had picked up an Eastern League ball while I was in New Britain and started a team ball for the B-Mets. I got the following:
Darrell Ceciliani, 4 cards. 4th rd pick in 2009 by the Mets
Corey Vaughn, 3 cards. 4th rd pick in 2010 by the Mets
Allan Dykstra, 3 cards, 1st rd pick in 2008 by the Padres. During spring training 2011, the Mets received Dysktra in a trade for the Mets 2007 1st rd pick Eddie Kunz. Dykstra was awared the 2013 Eastern League player of the year after the game. He had a strong season. I hope the Mets give him a look soon.
Josh Rodriguez, 3 cards. 2nd rd pick in 2006 by the Indians. Josh played 7 games in the majors in 2011 while with the Pirates.
Wilfredo Tovar, 1 card. International League Free Agent
Travis Taijeron, 2 cards. 18th rd pick in 2011 by the Mets.
Ryne Hughes, 1 card. 8th rd pick in 2004 by the Rays and has appeard in 14 games in 2010 with the Orioles.
Danny Muno, 4 cards. 8th rd pick in 2011 by the Mets.
Blake Forsythe, 1 card. 3rd pick in 2010 by the Mets.
Mark Coohon, 8x10. 12th rd pick in 2008 by the Mets
Logan Verrett, 8x10, 3rd rd pick in 2011 by the Mets
Joe Bonfe, 8x10, 21st rd pick in 2009 by the Mets
Alonzo Harris, 8x10. 39th rd pick in 2007 by the Mets

On the B-Mets Team ball I got the following
Glenn Abbott, Current B-Mets pitching coach and 8th rd pick in 1969 by the A's. He pitched in 248 games in the majors over an 11 year carrer. Pitched for the A's, Mariners and Tigers
Chasen Bradford, 35th rd pick in 2011 by the Mets
Mark Coohon
Ryan Fraser, 16th rd pick in 2010 by the Mets
Erik Goeddel, 24th rd pick in 2010 by the Mets
Darin Gorski, 7th rd pick in 2009 by the Mets
Adam Kolarek, 11th rd pick in 2010 by the Mets
Jeff Walters, 7th rd pick in 2010 by the Mets
Blake Forsythe
Xorge Carrillo, 14th rd pick in 2011 by the Mets
Richard Lucas, 4th rd pick in 2007 by the Mets
Hamilton Bennett, 29th rd pick in 2010 by the Mets
Joe Bonfe
Logan Verrett
Todays haul was (2) balls, (5) 8x10's and (29) cards.

I'm still alittle behind on my posts. I have 4th and final game of the weekend in Allentown and 2 Duck games in the last few days. I will try to catch up.

It has also been brought to my attention that some of my fellow graphers here on Long Island do not care for me and my blog. They are upset that I've given away some top secret information. If you do not like me or my blog. Don't read it and don't talk to me when you see me. Can't make everyone happy. Oh Well.

I also reached 20,000 views recently. I Thank all of who read it and do NOT be affraid to leave comments. Negative or Positive.

I still have 2 or 3 more Duck games to go this week which finishes out the Ducks home schedule for the year. At the moment of my posting this the Ducks are down to a 2 game lead in the division and have been playing poorly as of late and are on a 4 game losing streak.

Check Back Soon!