Pawtucket Pawsox @ Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs

Sunday Sept 1st. was my 36th game of the season and the 4th and final game of the Labor day weekend and was in Allentown Pa. The home of the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. The Pigs are the AAA affiliate of the Phillies and played the AAA affiliates of the Red Sox.
Before the Phillies AAA team was located in Allentown it was located in Scranton Pa, which is about 1.5 hr trip north. In 2007 Scranton changed affiliates and the Phillies AAA team played in Ottawa Ontario for just 1 season while Coca Cola park was being built. Coca Cola park is one of the nicest minor league stadium I've been to. You can walk all around the stadium and have a great view of the game from almost everywhere on the concourse. PNC Field in Scranton is very similar.

A view from just above the Bacon Strip

A view from the left side of the batters eye
A view of the scoreboard while standing on the grass berm in left
Today's goal was to get the #28, #46, #54 and #80 overall ranked prospects in baseball by MLB.
I was able to get 2 out of the 4.
#28 Jackie Bradley Jr. He signed inside. But, stopped just as he got to me.
#46 Allan Webster. Allan was an 18th rd pick in 2008 by the Dodgers. He was sent to the Red Sox in the Adrian Gonzalez trade. He is a 1 per guy and I got him once inside the stadium on a card and then one more time outside after the game on another card
#54 Matt Barnes. Matt was a 1st rd pick in 2011 by the Red Sox. I had gotten Matt earlier in the season while he was in AA Portland. Matt is also 1 per. I also got once inside the stadium and then once outside after the game
#80 Anthony Ranaudo. Anthony was a 1st rd pick in 2010 by the Red Sox. I never saw him. He may have been on that first bus I missed in the morning and I never saw him inside the stadium. Graphing outside after the game got cut short because of a t-storm. I've heard he can be tough to get

I didn't do a team balls for either team and just got cards for the following:
Paw Sox
Brock Holt 1 card. 9th rd pick in 2009 by the Pirates. Has played in parts of 2012 with the Pirates and this season with the Red Sox.

I had a few other cards for them. Either never saw them or missed them.
Iron Pigs I got are as follows:
Phillippe Aumont, 3 cards, 1st rd pick in 2007 by the Mariners. Has pitched in the majors in parts of 2012 and this season with the Phillies. Phillippe was one of the 3 prospects the Phillies recieved for Cliff Lee in Dec of 2009.
David Buchanan, 1 card, 7th rd pick in 2010 by the Phillies
Adam Morgan, 2 cards, 3rd rd pick in 2011 by the Phillies
Tyler Cloyd, 1 card. 18th rd pick in 2008. Has had brief stints with the Phillies in 2012 and earlier this season and  has since been recalled to the majors when the rosters expanded
Luis Garcia, 1 custom IC. Luis was a International free agent signed by the Dodgers in 2004. He had a short stint with the Phillies earlier this season and has since been recalled to the majors when rosters expanded.
Greg Smith, 1 card, 6th rd pick in 2005 by the D-Backs. Pitched in the majors in parts of 2008 with the A's and 2010 with the Rockies
Steven Susdorf, 1 custom, 19th rd pick in 2008 and had a short 3 game stint this season with the Phillies
Adam Morgan and Tyson Gillies on a team hand out. The team gives out player cards that feature 2 players. Someone gave me one
Gillies was a 25th rd pick in 2005 by the Mariners and was also part of the Cliff Lee deal in 2009.

I did graph outside after the game for a short time. But, the T-storm rolled thru. So, I headed home.
I only got 15 autographs that day. I probably could have gotten more if I had decided to start team balls for both team.

My haul for the 4 days was 119 autographs. 76 cards, 3 OMLB's, (15) 8x10's, 4 customs IC's, 14 auto's on a team ball and an additional 7 on the logo sheet.
That could be my best 4 day total ever.

I've also done another 4 Ducks games since Labor Day. I'm hoping to write a couple of posts soon

I hope I didn't give away any secrets about where and when to get auto's at any of these stadiums.

Thanks Again for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!!