Somerset Patriots @ Ducks

Last night was game 42 on the year for me. The Ducks advanced to the ATL Championship to defend the title against the Somerset Patriots and this was Game 1 of the Best of 5 series for the Championship.
Patriots pitcher Josh Lowey had a no-no going into the 7th while ahead 2-0, when Bill Hall hit a solo homer to make it 2-1. Things started to look up for the Ducks in the 8th when Kraig Binick walked. Dan Lyons struck out swinging and then Lew Ford singled to left. Binick went to second. Next up is Josh Barfield, the son of former Yankee and Blue Jay. Barfield rips a homer over the left field wall that was about 5 feet or so inside the foul pole. The 1,500 or so fans at the Duck Pond went crazy!! The Ducks were winning 4-2 going into the 9th. Closer Leo Rosales replace John Brownell and made things interesting by giving up a solo homer to Corey Eldridge and then closed out the game to win 4-3.
As for as graphing goes. I didn't really have much to get. I still needed Josh Barfield on a team set card and to no surprise he did not signed coming out of the tunnel. I tried to get him before the player intro. But, he was stretching to just about the time they started calling names and said he had no time. I did get Lew Ford on 1 more card and then on the Patriots side I got Shane Spencer on (1) 5x7 Yankee Stadium Custom and (1) 5x7 Shea Stadium Custom.

I'm not at Game 2, so that was most likely my last baseball game of the season. The Duck will finish the series in Somerset.

Its been a Great IP baseball season!!

The NHL season starts soon and the Islanders have 3 Saturday home games. I will be graphing the Flyers game on Oct 26th.

I will post a 2013 IP baseball season in review soon

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!