Colorado Avalanche @ Islanders

Today had to one of the most disappointing days for graphing since the day I missed Bryce Harper in Lakewood.
The Avalanche are in to play the Islanders and I've been working alot and have not graphed alot on Saturdays. Today I was not going to miss a chance to get HOF Goalie Patrick Roy. Patrick Roy is the Ave's Head Coach. Typically the coaches walk early. All of the coaches walked. But, no Roy. So, I decided to head the office which is only 10 mins away. Worked a few hours and had FB message one of the guys who I knew was there. I was told Roy had walked after I left and he told everyone he would sign on the way back.

I left the office and headed back to graph. There were more graphers than normal even saw a few of out of state plates. Everyone was lines up along a railing outside the exit of the arena and Roy came out. He started to sign. But, sought of skipped around and changed directions at some point as he went down the railing. He started one way and stopped before he got to me. So, I went to the other end and as he got to me. He looked at me and said he signed for me already and would not sign. I said "No you didn't sign for me" and he turned around again and repeated himself. "NO".  One this he did as he signed, he would look at each person. I think he may have seen me and thought he had already signed for me. I was pissed.
Even though most players do not sign on the way back. I got was lucky enough to get 11 autographs.
I did get the following on Generic Customs:
Patrick Bordeleau, 4th rd pick in 2004 by the Wild
Marc-Andre Cliche, 2nd rd in 2005 by the Rangers
Matt Duchene, 1st rd in 2009 by the Ave's
John Mitchell, 5th rd in 2003 by the Leafs
Ryan O'Reilly, 2nd rd in 2009 by the Ave's
Tyson Barrie, 3rd rd in 2009 by the Ave's
Jan Hejda, 4th rd in 2003 by the Sabres
Nick Holden, undrafted. Signed as a FA
Semyon Varlamov, 1st rd in 2006 by the Capitals
On 8x10's I got the following:
Cody McLeod, undrafted. Signed as a FA
Nathan MacKinnon, 1st rd pick in 2013 by the Ave's

I had other 8x10's. Stastny would not signed because he signed before the morning Skate. I never saw Max Tablot, Jean-Sabastien Giguere or Alex Tanguay.
I probably could have gotten them If I had stayed. But, I was so pissed about Roy. I left.

After todays game the NHL goes on the Olympic break.  The Islanders next Saturday game is not till March 1st when the Devils are in and its a 1pm game. Sometime the Devils skate at home and bus to the game. Not sure if i will even try.

The important thing is Spring Training starts next week and then opening day is not far behind.