Revs at Ducks

Tonight was Game 25 when the Revolution played the Ducks. Today was the typical Sunday autograph session. I didn't have much and figured I would finish off what I had. Then when I got to the stadium realized that the 2014 team set came out.
Sergio Miranda, Team set card
Fehlandt Letini, Team set card
Brandan Harris, Team set card
Dan Lyons, Team set card
Brett Lorin, Team set card
Cody Puckett, Team set card
Eric Niesen, Team set card
Adam Bailey, Team set card
Jan Vazquez, Team set card
David Kopp, Team set card and 2 other cards
Shaun Garceau, Team set card
Mitch Talbot, Team set card and 1 other card
Bob Zimmermann, Team set card
Joash Brodin, Team set card
Jon Meloan, Team set card
John Brownell, Team set card
I missed a few guys and the others in the set are no longer with the team

During this past offseason I found something interesting on Ebay.
A copy of a scorecard from a game during the 2014 WBC qualifying round between Israel and South Africa. Being Jewish I thought it would be a cool project to start. It will not be easy to complete and I actually do not think I will be able to. But, I will get as many guys as possible. Today I added Brett Lorin to it. After the autograph session I took a closer look at the scorecard and realized that David Kopp was on it was on it. I'll get Kopp before the end of the season.

On the Revs side the players I needed typically do not sign inside the stadium. I didn't stay.

The Ducks have one more game this week. But, its camp day tomorrow and the game is at 11:30. The Ducks go on a road trip and come back late next week. 

Thanks for Reading and Check Back soon!!


paul said… are a real fan. Thanks. David Kopp's dad..Paul