Altoona Curve @ Bowie Bay Sox

This past Sunday was Game 36 on the year and the 3rd and final day of my Labor Day Weekend trip. It took me to Bowie Maryland which is about a 35 min trip southeast of Baltimore. Bowie is the home of the AA affiliate of the Orioles.

This was Bowie 2nd to last game of the season and one of the promotions was a team autograph session that last for 45 minutes before the game. The other promotion I thought was interesting was a winter wool hat. Just the thing we needed on a day the temperature was close to 100 degeees.
I had just enough time to run into the team store and grab a team set. Just as in Wilmington, most of the players in the set were no longer with the team. I did get the following,
Tim Berry, Team card and 2 other cards. Was a 50th rd pick in 2009. Tim is ranked 6th in the O's Top 20 Prospects
Keong Kang, Team card and 2 other cards. Was a 15th rd pick in 2006 by the Tampa Rays
Garabez Rosa, Team card and 1 other cards. Free agent in 2007
Steve Hensley, Team card. Was a 4th rd pick in 2008 by the Mariners
Ronald Bermudez, Team card. Free agent signed in 2006 with the Red Sox
Zane Chavez, Team card, Was a 19th rd pick in 2005 by the Royals
Oliver Drake, Team card. Was a 43rd rd pick in 2008
Joel Polanco, Team card. Former Orioles farmhand and current Bay Sox bullpen catcher
Marcel Prado, Team card, Free agent signed with the Dodgers
Mychal Givens,Custom. Was a 2nd rd pick in 2009
Jason Gurka, Team card. Was a 15th rd pick in 2008
Nuiman Romero, Team card. Free agent with the Indians. Has also played in the Red Sox, Mets, Phillies, Jays and Tigers system getting as high as AAA
Zach Davies, Team card. Was a 26th rd pick in 20011. Zach is ranked 8th in the O's Top 20 Prospects
Sharlon Schoop, Team card. Free agent in 2005 with the Giants
Ashur Tolliver, Team card. Was a 5th rd pick in 2009
Blaine Beatty. team card and 1 other card. Was a 9th rd pick in 1986 by the Orioles. Had 2 brief stints in the Majors with the Mets in 1989 and 1991. Currently the Bay Sox pitching coach
Gary Kendall, team card. Currently the Bay Sox manager

On the Altoona side I started a Logo and only got 4,
Matt Curry, Was a 16th rd pick in 2010
Drew Maggi. Was a 15th rd pick in 2010
Jarek Cunningham, Was a 18th rd pick in 2008
Andy Vazquez, Free agent in 2007

On cards I got the following
Josh Bell, 2 cards. Was a 2nd rd pick in 2011. Josh is ranked 3rd in the Pirates Top 20 prospects
Stetson Allie, 2 cards. Was a 2nd rd pick in 2010. Spent a few years as a pitcher and recently converted to fielding and has played 1st, 3rd and the outfield. This year he has 21 homers

I missed out on a few other Curve players that had cards. Today there was a large number of graphers. Most had 6 plus cards for each player and all of the players signed multilipes. Next time I know where in the stands to head when there are so many graphers.
I have to say most of the graphers I believe were dealers and not very friendly. I do not run into that a lot at a minor league game.

It was a very hot day and since I had a 4+ hour trip home, I left in the 7th and finished the day with 27 autographs.

In the 3 days I finished the weekend with 64. The best being HOFer Paul Moliter.

After 36 games this year my season total is at 623 autographs.

The affiliate minor league season is over and none of my local teams made the playoffs.
The Ducks still have another 2 home stands and as of now will be a wild card team. But, they are away on a long road trip and do not come home till next Tuesday.
I may graph one more Mets game before the end of the season

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!