Barnstormers at Ducks

Last night was Game 39 on the year when the Barnstormers and the Ducks finished off a 3 game series.
On the Barnstormers side I got the following,

Greg Golson, 3 cards. Greg was a 1st rd pick in 2004 by the Phillies. He has had brief stints in the majors with the Phillies, Rangers and Yankees. Greg has also played in the White Sox, Rockies and Braves systems
Cole Garner, 2 cards. Cole was a 26th rd pick in 2003 by the Rockies. He played 4 games with the Rockies in 2011. Has also played in the Yankees and most recently in the Brewers system during the 2013 season. Cole did not sign duplicate cards
Matt Packer, 3 cards. Matt was a 32nd rd pick in 2009 by the Indians. The highest level Matt has pitched in is AAA

I did miss Chris Schwinden, who started the game for the Barnstormers, Cody Epply, and Evan Englebrook, who most likely went to the bullpen the back way

The Ducks have just 3 games left in the season since they did not make the playoffs. I plan on going this coming Sunday which is also when the Ducks hold an autograph session before the game.
I do not have much for both the Ducks and Blue Crabs.

Thank You for Reading and Check Back Soon!!