Blue Crabs @ Ducks

Yesterday was my 40th Game of the season, my 18th Ducks and final game since they did not make the playoffs. The Ducks finished out the season playing the Blue Crabs.
Since it was a Sunday it was also an autograph session and I only had a few cards for the Ducks
Lew Ford, 2 cards
Kevin Baez, 1 card
C.J. Retherford, 2 card

On the Blue Crabs side I got
Gabby Hernandez, 1 card
Daryl Thompson, 2 cards
Cyle Hankard, 2 cards

After the game I waited outside for the Ducks for the first time this season. I never ask for GU items, But, figured if a player was giving things out. I would grab something.
Cody Puckett gave out 6 GU hats and I got one and then had Cody sign it.

The Ducks had given out a team photo earlier in the week and figured why not get it signed.
John Brownell
Bobby Blevins
Jared Lansford
David Kopp
Tommy Organ, Tommy signed as a Free Agent this season and started the season with the River City Rascals of the Frontier League
Shaun Garceau
Doug Arguello, Doug signed a Free Agent in 2003 by the Astros. Has also pitched in the Rangers system getting as high as AAA
Sergio Perez, Sergio was a 2nd rd pick in 2006 by the Astros. Has also pitched in the A's system getting as high as AAA
Brett Lorin
Brandon Bantz
Jan Vazquez
Cody Puckett
Bill Hall
Dan Lyons
Brendan Harris
Sergio Miranda
Adam Bailey
Joash Brodin
Fehlandt Lentini
Steve Foucault, Pitching Coach
Gregory DePalma, Bullpen Catcher

This is the first year in awhile the Ducks did not make the Playoffs. I plan on graphing atleast 1 more time this season. I hoping to graph the Mets this coming Friday. But, I'm probably not doing the game.

In an earlier post I listed my total for the 2014 IP season. But, did not include the multi-signed  pieces like the team photo above. 
The correct Total as of today is 725 autographs.

Recently I hit a milestone by hitting 50k views her on this blog. I'd like to Thank everyone for Reading and I hope to continue. I probably will not do much hockey over the winter with work being busy