Potomac Nationals @ Wiimington Blue Rocks

This past Friday I left for a 3 day baseball trip that started out in Wilmington Delaware, Its game 34 for me on the year.
Wilmington is the home of the Advanced A level affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. This is not my first time in Wilmington, back in 2009.   I attended a game there. On that occasion I did not get a chance to graph.
The Blue Rocks play at Judy Johnson Field and David S. Frawley Stadium. Built in 1993 and was once known as Legends Field. Judy Johnson was a local negro league ball player. Daniel Frawley was a one time mayor of Wilmington and played a large part in bringing baseball back to Wilmington.
Wilmington was without baseball for just over 40 years. The last time baseball was played was in 1952 when the Blue Rocks where the Class B affiliates of the Phillies. Baseball started being played at a professional level in 1879.

 Judy Johnson statue

I had cards for a few of the Blue Rocks and had a chance to grab a team set. Although most players in the set are no longer with the set. I did get the following
Miguel Almonte, 3 cards. Free agent in 2011. Miquel is ranked 5th in the Royals Top 20 Prospects
Raul Mondesi, 2 cards. 2 per, Free agent in 2012. Also the son of former Big Leaguer with the same name. Raul is ranked as the top rated prospect in the Royals system
Brooks Pounders, 1 card. Was a 2nd rd pick in 2009 by the Pirates
Bubba Starling, team card and 3 others, Was a 1st rd pick in 2011. Bubba is ranked 13th in the Royals Top 20 Prospects.
Justin Gemoll, team card, Was a 14th rd pick in 2000 and spent 7 years in the Royals system getting s a high as AAA. Currently the Rocks 3rd base coach
Milt Thompson, team card. Was a 2nd rd pick in 1979 and spent 13 years in the Big Leagues playing or the Braves, Phillies, Cardinals, Astros, Dodgers and Rockies and is currently then Rocks hitting coach
Cody Stubbs, team card, Was a 8th rd pick in 2013
Sean Manaea, team card. Was a 1st rd pick in 2013. Sean is ranked 3rd in the Royals Top 20 Prospects
Cam Gallagher, team card, Was a 2nd rd pick in 2011
Zane Evans, team card, Was a 4th rd pick in 2013
Zeb Sneed, team card, Was a 11th rd pick in 2012
Glenn Sparkman, team card. Was a 20th rd pick in 2013
Jonathan Dziedzic, team card. Was a 13th rd pick in 2013
Daniel Stumpf, team card, Was a 9th rd pick in 2012
Johnny Walter, team card. Was a 29th rd pick in 2012
Yender Caramo, team card, Free agent in 2011

After the game I waited outside on the Nationals side since I had some cards.
I started a logo sheet and got the following,
Bryan Harper, was a 30th rd pick in 2011 and is the brother of current Nationals outfields Bryce Harper
Pedro Severino, Free agent in 2011. Pedro is ranked 12th in the Nats Top 20 Prospects
Isaac Ballou, Was a 15th rd pick in 2013
Esterlin Martinez, Free agent in 2009
Craig Manuel, Was a 10th rd pick in 2012
Mike McQuillan, Was a 33rd pick in 2012
Ian Dickson, Was a 35th rd pick in 2011 by the Cubs
Cody Davis, Free agent in 2011
Matthew Spann, Was a 25th rd pick in 2010 by the Tampa Rays
Jake Walsh, Was a 34th rd pick in 2013
Kylin Tumball, Was a 4th rd pick in 2011
Matt Swynerberg, Was a 28th rd pick in 2009
Dakota Bacus, Was a 9th rd pick in 2012 by the A's
Brian Rauh, Was a 11th rd pick in 2012
Hector Silvestre, Free agent in 2011
Randolph Oduber, Was a 32nd rd pick in 2010
John Wooton, Was a 37th rd pick in 2012 by the A's
Cody Dent, Was a 22nd rd pick in 2013

On cards,
Stephan Perez, 2 cards. Was a 8th rd pick in 2012
Shawn Pleffner, 4 cards, Was a 26th rd pick in 2011
Craig Manuel, 1 card
Tony Renda, 1 card, Was a 2nd rd pick in 2012. Tony is ranked 18th in the Nats Top 20 Prospects

Total for the day was 30 cards and 18 on the logo for a total of 48. Not a bad day. 

Next up is Baltimore and then Bowie

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!