4 New additions to my Memorabilia Collection

Since the end of the baseball season I've added 4 new pieces to my Memorabilia Collection.

First is another Shea Stadium Seat Back. This time a blue one from the Loge section of Shea. I have almost filled up the Lower Level Seat Back. So, I decided to get another. I will probably be a little picky on who I get to sign the new one. This seat came from Mr. Shea Stadium whom I've bought numerous Shea pieces from. Check out his site http://mrsheastadium.com/

Next up is a piece from Yankee Stadium, I do not have much from Yankee Stadium and when I found it on Ebay I had to have it. A section of from the Bleachers. This piece comes with MLB authentication as well as a Steiner Cert. Underneath it even came with a piece of gum.

I'm hoping to make either a shelf or a bench out of it. 

Next up are 2 Locker Name Plates

Matt den Dekker plate from the 2014 season. This came with Authetication by the Mets. I picked this up directly from the Mets thru an auction they had. 

The last plate is a Joe Nathan Locker name plate from the 2014 American League Division Series. 
This plate comes with a MLB Hologram and I picked it up off of an MLB auction. 

I'm hoping to get both plates signed at some point.

My next planned event is the Red Sox Winter Weekend that takes place at Foxwoods Casino in CT. Most current players like Pablo Sandoval, Hanley Ramirez, David Ortiz and former player like Pedro Martinez and Luis Tiant are to appear to sign autographs.. The list of player is at 30 and more players are supposed to be added. Hopefully this event is well organized. I have my doubt since this is the first time this is being held.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!!