Last Break of the Year!

Since I have not done any graphing this winter I figured I would do a post about box break. I usually do not post about breaks. But, I think this one was a decent box.
I had to Feed my addiction one last time for 2014 and stopped at a local shop after leaving the office and picked up a box of 2014 Triple Threads Baseball.
 Strasburg /250, McCutchen /325, Cano /250 and Jeter /325
Scherzer Redemption I believe is /25. Hopefully It does not take 2 years to get. The Clemens /36, Venters /9 and the Gardner /3.
I think I did pretty well for a box that only cost $150. Which is the cheapest price I've ever paid for a box TTT.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!

Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone!!