Long Island Ducks Fanfest

Yesterday the Ducks held there 3rd annual Fanfest. Which includes a chance to see BP and then a preseason game between the Ducks and the Bridgeport Bluefish. This season the Ducks have 7 former major leaguers on the pre season roster which include Lew Ford, Jose Morales, Trayvon Robinson and 4 local players that include Bellport Alum Bruce Kern, Pat-Med Alum Anthony Vega, Port Jeff native Bryan Sabatella and Roslyn native Matt Soren.
I got to the stadium around 10:30 and had to leave by 11:30 to go to a local show. I was able to get the following before I left
Jose Morales, GU locker name plate. Jose was a 3rd rd pick in 2001 by the Twins. He played 1 game in 2007 and parts of 2009 and 2010 with the Twins and in 2011 he played 22 games with the Rockies. Jose also has played in the Pirates system and will most likely be the Ducks starting catcher this season
Jon Griffin, 4 cards. Jon was a 21st rd pick in 2011 by the D-Backs. Jon played in AA last season the
D-Backs system in Mobile
Trayvon Robinson, 1 card. Trayvon was a 10th rd pick in 2005 by the Dodgers. He played 44 games in 2011 and 46 in 2012 for the Mariners and has also played in the O's system. In 2014 he went back to the Dodgers system were he spent the season in AAA. Trayvon is 1 per and personalizes. I guess he thinks that I will sell his card and become rich. He does not seem to be a friendly guy either.

I left for the show and came back 1.5 hrs later. By then the game had started and it was the 4th inning.
After the game I got Bruce Kern on 3 cards.
Bruce was a 23rd rd pick in 2010 by the Rockies and reached AA in 2014. As I mentioned earlier, Bruce is a graduate of Bellport High which is were I graduated from in 1991. Bruce was 3 years old.
Bruce is the first player from Bellport to be drafted since Troy Walsh in 1991. Walsh chose not to sign.
The last Bellport Alum to play in affiliated ball was Chris Wells who was drafted in 1977 by the Reds. Wells only played 2 seasons.

After getting Kern at the dugout, I was able to get 1 of the Bluefish.
Cody Scarpetta, 2 cards. Cody was an 11th rd pick in 2007 by the Brewers. Cody has also pitched in the Braves system and has gotten as high as AA

The Ducks open on May 1st and then I'm graphing the Mets game on May 2nd.

Some other plans that I've made during the season is the Hall of Fame Classic late in May and  this
season the ATL All-Star game is being played in Bridgeport and part of the festivities is a Legends game that will feature a game between former Red Sox and Yankees.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!