Riversharks at Bluefish

Last Sunday was Game 5 on the season. I'm a little behind on games this season due to work being so busy.
I missed 2 home series for the Ducks so I decided to head over on the ferry to Bridgeport to catch a game.
The Bluefish also hold a Sunday Autograph session just like the Ducks do. The only difference is that the Bluefish hold the session after the game. The kids get to run the bases and then go directly online ahead of the adults. The team also gives out 5x7 cards for the kids to get signed. The line was alittle more organized and I do not think there was a time limit on the session like the Ducks do which is 15 minutes.
Before the game I headed to the Riversharks side and got the following
Joel Guzman, 2 cards. Joel was signed as a free agent in 2001 by the Dodgers and has had 2 brief stints in the Major Leagues. in 2006 he played 8 games with the Dodgers and in 2007 he played in 16 games with the Rays. Joel has also played in the Nationals, O's and Reds systems as well as 73 games in 2011 in Japan playing for the Chunichi Dragons
Evan Crawford, 1 card. Evan was a 9th rd pick in 2009 by the Giants and has also played in the Cubs system. Evan started the season with the Ducks and was traded only last week to the Riversharks.
T.J. Chism, 4 cards. T.J. was a 32nd rd pick in 2009 by the Mets and pitched as high as AA level. T.J. is the son of Tom Chism who had a brief stint with the O's in 1979 and had a 7 year career in the minor leagues.
Fu-Te Ni, 1 card. Fu-Te signed as a free agent with the Tigers in 2009. He pitched in 36 games in 2009 and 22 games in 2010 for the Tigers. He pitched in the Australian baseball league in 2013 before pitching in the ATL

Then during the autograph session I got every card I had for the Fish. I was not familiar with all of the players and was able to pick out a few and then with help from a few guys and got the following
Sean Burroughs, 1 card. Sean was a 1st rd pick in 1998 by the Padres and has spent parts of 7 season in the majors. 2002-2005 with the Padres, 2006 with the Rays, 2011 D-Back and 2012 Twins. Sean is the son of former major leaguer Jeff Burrroughs who was also a 1st rd pick in 1969 by the Washington Senators. A 2x All-Star and won the AL MVP in 1974 with the Texas Rangers
Welington Dotel, 1 card. Welington signed as a free agent with the Mariners in 2006 and spent 5 seasons in the Mariners system getting as high as Advanced A ball. Since 2010 Welington has spent time in numerous Independent Leagues
Jovan Rosa, 1 card. Jovan was a 22nd rd pick in 2006 by the Cubs and spent 5 seasons in the Cubs system getting as high as Advanced A ball. Since 2010 Jovan has spent time in numerous Independent Leagues
Luis Perdomo, 1 card. Luis signed as a free agent in 2003 with the Indians and has had 3 brief stints in the majors. In 2009 Luis pitched in 35 games with the Padres and 1 game in 2010. Then most recently Luis pitched in 12 games with the Twins
Scott Maine, 2 cards. Scott was a 6th rd pick in 2007 by the D-Backs and has spent parts of 3 seasons in the majors. 2010- the first half of 2012, Scott pitched for the Cubs and spent the 2nd half of 2012 with the Indians. Scott has also pitched in the Reds and Marlins system as well as time in the Mexican League
Luis Rodriguez, 3 cards.Luis signed as a free agent in 1997 with the Twins and has spent parts of 6 seasons in the majors. 2005-2007 with the Twins, 2008-2009 with the Padres and most recently in 2011 with the Mariners
Nick Van Stratten, 2 cards. Nick was a 10th rd pick in 2006 by the Royals and has reached as high as AA before signing on to play in the American Association in 2012

It turned out to be a decent day. I was able to get 20 cards signed and it brings my season total to 67 autographs on the IP season.

I leave on Thursday for my annual Baseball Hall of Fame Classic trip that will start out in Scranton on Thursday which turns out to be Tanaka's rehab start. So, hopefully I will get Tanaka on a ball. Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning I will be in Cooperstown, Sunday night I'm going to Syracuse  and then Monday on the way home I will stop in Binghamton. I will write a series of posts for each game and one for Cooperstown.

Thanks for Reading and Check back soon