Greenville Drive at Lakewood BlueClaws

Yesterday was Game 15 for me on the season and the day did start off great. A trip that should have taken me just under 2 hrs ended up being almost 4 hrs and I ended getting to the stadium 5 minutes before game time which meant NO pregame autographs.
The goal for the night was to get the Red Sox #1 rated prospect in there system, Yoan Moncada.
Yoan signed after the game down near the dugout. But, I didn't get him and he seemed to be only signing balls. A few of us had photos and he just skipped.
Yoan Moncada signed as a free agent in 2015 and is currently ranked as the Red Sox #1 prospect and is ranked #7 in the MLB Top 100 prospects
So, I headed outside were the players get on the bus and I finally got him there.
I also managed to get the following on cards
Jamie Callahan,3 cards. Jaime was a 2nd rd pick in 2015 by the Red Sox
Mike Kopech, 3 cards. Mike was 1st rd pick in 2014 by the Red Sox
Nick Longhi, 1 card. Nick was a 30th rd pick in 2013 by the Red Sox. Nick is currently ranked #22 in the Red Sox system

and the  I started a logo sheet. But and got the following on it
Jake Drehoff, Jake was a 12th rd pick in 2013
Ryan Harris, Ryan was a 26th rd pick in 2014
Mike Kopech
Reed Reilly, Reed was a 7th rd pick in 2014
Mario Alcantara, Mario signed as a free agent in 2010

I only ended the night with 13 autographs. But, I would say quality over quantity
This brings my Total for the season to 253 autographs.

Thanks for Reading and Check back soon!!