Hudson Valley Renegades at Cyclones

This past Thursday was Game 18 on the season for me and it was in Brooklyn. The Renegades and Cyclones play a home at home series.
I only graphed the Cyclones because the rain came during the game.
I got he following;
Christian Montgomery, 8 cards, Christian was an 11th rd pick in 2011
Jeff Diehl, 1 card. Jeff was a 23rd rd pick in 2011 by the Mets
Vinny Siena, 8x10. Vinny was a 14th rd pick in 2015
Joe Garcia, 8x10. Jose signed as a free agent in 2012
Gaby Almonte, 8x10 . Gaby signed as free agent in 2011

It was a bit of off night only getting 13 and this brings my season total to 328 autographs

 Sandy the Seagull playing the Air Guitar

 The parachute jump was featuring the Red, White and Blue during the game

I also graphed in Wilmington and Reading this weekend and I will post shortly

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!!