Baby Bombers at Cyclones.... Monday

Game 39 on the season was the 3rd and final game of the series between the Yankees and Cyclones and the regular season finale for the NY-Penn League.
The Yankees clinched the division with the win over the Cyclones, while the Cyclone finished the season in last place in the division,\
This game was also most likely my last major league affiliated game of the 2015 season. Unless the Staten Island Yankees advance in the playoffs and play a weekend game.

Today was also Fan appreciation Day at MCU Park and the Cyclone players greeted the fans on the steps that lead up to the stadium like they did on Opening Day. I only needed a few guys on 8x10's.
I got the following
Desmond Lindsey, 8x10 and 2 cards. The kid has a crappy autograph already
David Thompson, 8x10
Ruben Reyes, 8x10
Pedro Perez, 8x10
After the game I waited outside the stadium hoping players would give away bats, hats etc. I also got Hitting Coach Yunir Garcia on 2 cards.
I had no luck getting any GU stuff. The players that gave things away. Seemed to look for certain fans to give things to. So, No Luck on getting anything.

After getting the few Cyclones I headed inside to get a couple more Baby Bombers. I had gotten the James Kaprielian the day before. But, took pics and had them printed. I got James on (2) 8x10's
Also got Kolton Mahoney on an 8x10 aswell. Kolten had was the starting pitcher the day before
Kolton was a 16th rd pick in 2015 by the Yankees

 The Blue SRX did not come out like I thought it would on the pic below. Looked great on the photo above till he decided to sign thru the UCLA logo

I was able to get 11 autographs on the day which brings my season total tom 724.

These last couple of days have been Quality over Quantity

Next up is the last Ducks homestand which starts this coming Friday vs. the Skeeters and as of today the Ducks will be the wildcard in the playoffs. That is assuming they do not fall apart on the current homestand and lose 3 to the Skeeters.