South Maryland Bluecrabs at Bridgeport Bluefish, Final Regular season game.....

Games 41 and 42 were last week when the Skeeters played the Ducks for the final home game of the regular season. I had only gotten two 8x10's of Elmer Reyes and new Ducks pitcher Joe Bircher.

This past Sunday was the final regular season game for the ATL  and it was Game 43 for me.Since the Ducks had finished up the home season  I went across the Long Island Sound and watched the Crabs play the Fish.
The Bluefish team store had 2015 team sets for $2. So, I started another team set.
and the Bluefish also have an autograph session. Unlike the Ducks its a post game session. I think its a way to keep the fans from leaving early since the Fish have a hard time drawing a crowd.
I still had some cards for the Crabs and the Fish and got the following:

Justin Berg, 5 cards
Cody Eppley, 3 cards. Cody was a 43rd rd pick in 2008 by the Rangers. Cody has pitched in the majors with the Rangers 2011 and Yankees 2012-2013. Cody has been tough in to get on Long Island since most of the bullpen guys go the back way.
Casey Stevenson, 1 card
Reggie Abercrombie, 1 card. Reggie was a 23rd pick in 1999 by the Dodgers and has played in the majors with the Marlins 2006-2007 and Astros 2008. Since 2009 Reggie has bounced around between Indy Leagues and Mexico
Fred Lewis, 4 cards. Fred is typically 1 per when on LI. I've heard that most players that are tough on LI are better at other stadiums.

Robert Carson, 8x10
Erik Draxton, 2 team cards, Erik has been pitching in numerous Indy leagues since 2010. This was Erik's first season in the ATL
Matt Iannazzo, 1 team card
Patrick Mincey, 1 team card
Cory Riordan, 1 team card, 3 cards. Cory was a 6th rd pick in 2007 by the Rockies and has reached Bluefish before the 2015 season.
Jobduan Morales, 1 team card
Andres Rodriguez, 1 team card
Matt Wessinger, 1 team card
Welington Dotel, 1 team card
Bryan Sabatella, 8x10
Jose Serrano, 1 team card, coach who does not travel
Luis Rodriguez, 1 team card
Sam Gervacio, 1 team card

It was a decent day with 30 autographs, which brings my season total to 766

I was hoping to get some GU'ed stuff from the Bluefish. But, no luck. I did get a ball after the game. The bat boys were throwing them up into the stands.
As you see in the picture, The ATL balls have red and blue stitches.

The NY Giants and a local super market started the annual Giant Alum appearances last weekend. Unfortunately its most of the same players from last year. This past saturday I added O.J. Anderson to my Giants Stadium seat back. It brings me to 13 players on the seat back. Sorry no pic right now.

Next up would be the playoff games the Ducks will host vs. the Somerset Patriots. I still have plenty of cards for the Patriots

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