Box or Case Breaks, How they work...

How many of you buy into box/case breaks? Its a great way to get high end products and not  pay full price for or to buy the team you collect.
For those who are not familiar there are a few different ways to conduct a case break
The most popular breaks are done as follows:
1. Team Breaks -. You bid or pay a determined price for a team. Any cards from that team that come out of the box/case you get. This type can be done as a Random Break or a PYT (Pick your Team)
2. Divisional Breaks -.This type of break is more popular on high end products with a small number of cards in a pack or box. Instead of selling each team. You get say the National League East. Any cards from teams in the National League East you would get. This break is typically always a random break.
3. Name Breaks - In this case the products checklist is used. Each player featured in the product is purchased
4. Draft Break - This type of break is used on High End products. The product is opened and then the participants names are randomized. The person in the number 1 position gets to choose the product he/she wants. .
5. Numerical Break - This type of break are used for Multi Sport cards that are printed with certain numerical print runs.  This type is usually always sold as a random break. Which means the breaker inserts numbers and names of the people are participating in the break into a randomizer. is used the majority of the time. The breaker typically rolls a dice to decide how many times the randomizer runs.
6. Letter Breaks - This type of break is also used for Multi-Sport Breaks. Letters A thru Z and participants names are then randomized. The dice are also used in this case. The Letter breaks are done with last names.

Breaks can be done either opening cases, half cases, boxes or packs.

You can buy into a case break 3 different ways.
1. Ebay - In most cases you bid on teams or players. Buying on Ebay  has its advantages and disadvantages. An advantage is you can get a team on the cheap. The disadvantage is you can overpay if you are bidding against others.
2. Websites - Most breakers who post on ebay also have websites that have predetermined prices. The prices are usually determined by the number of hits per team. Teams that have more hits you will most likely pay more for.
3.Store breaks - Some local hobby shops offer breaks. These are conducted the same way as the Website breaks. The only difference is you walk into a hobby shop and make your purchase. One advantage is you do not pay for shipping.

There are some pros and cons when buying into a break
1. This is a way to purchase a high end product at the fraction of the original cost
2. If you collect only certain teams. You can just buy that team(s)

1. In some cases, you can miss out on getting any cards. This happens when buying into a high end break that usually has a limited number of cards per pack or box.
Some breakers will send you a random pack of cards or a low end hit if you do not get any cards. Most do not send you anything.

Important things to remember before buying into a break.
1. Read the rules and understand how things work before buying. Some breakers do some things differently. Understand what is being product you are buying, the number of boxes, cases or packs

2. Understand how to watch the break live or where to watch afterward. Breakers typically use BreakersTV, Ustream or Youtube to broadcast live. Typically breakers post the videos on Youtube so you can watch afterwards.
If the breaker does not offer a way to watch the break live. DO NOT buy anything

I have been buying into breaks for a few years now and have done real well. I recently hit a pretty insane item and will write a post in the next few days to show off what I got

The baseball season start soon and I have some trips planned already and I'm hoping to add some new stadiums to my list of stadiums I seen games at

Thanks for Reading and Check back soon!!