Bluefish at Mets.....

Sorry Guys I'm a little behind on posts. I came home early this morning from my Cooperstown trip and have 5 games to write posts about.

Game 10 for me was the Brewers at Mets which I did not graph since I was with a large group. I did manage to leave the game with an autograph though.
I've been doing the grab bag at the Mets game for $40 per try. I did it twice and ended up a deGrom game used swatch again. My second try I got a Keith Hernandez autographed baseball that came with a MLB Hologram.

Game 11 which was last Tuesday was the Bluefish at Ducks, I usually never graph the Ducks unless its the pregame autograph session that is held on Sundays.
I did get the following Bluefish
Jesse Litsch, 4 cards, Jesse is cyrrently the Bluefish pitching coach. As a player Jesse was a 24th rd pick in 2004 by the Blue Jays. Jesse pitched in 5 seasons in the majors all with the Blue Jays 2007-2011
Luis Domoromo, 1 card. Luis signed as a free agent in 2009 with the Padres. He spent 6 seasons in the padres system reaching as high as AA before signing wth the Bluefish
Jonathan Albaladejo, 3 cards/ Jonathan was a 19th rd pick in 2001 by the Pirates and pitched parts of 5 seasons in the majors with Nationals 2007, Yankees 2008-2010 and D-Backs 2012. Jonathan has also pitched in the Pirates and Marlins system as well as in Mexico and Japan
Luis Hernandez, 2 cards. Luis signed as a free agent in 2002 with the Braves and has played in parts of 5 seasons in the majors with the O's 2007-2008, Royals 2009, Mets 2010 and Rangers in 2012
Luis Nunez, 1 card. Luis signed as a free agent in 2005 wtih the Yankees. Luis is an 11 year minor league veteren who has played in the Yankees system 2005-2011, Dodgers 2012, Braves 2013 reaching as high as AAA.
Michael Antonini, 2 cards Mike was an 18th rd pick in 2007 by the Mets and has been pitching in the minors since. Mike has pitched in the following systems. Mets 2007-2010, Dodgers 2011-2012, Angels 2015. Has also pitched in the Can-Am League . Mike reached as high as AAA.

The 13 autographs tonight brings me to 106 autographs on the season

On my trip a I attended 2 games this past Thursday, then spent Friday thru Sunday morning in Cooperstown and then 1 game yesterday (Sunday). I'm hoping to write these posts in the next day or so.
The Ducks are on the road and return this coming Friday with the Sugar Land Skeeters coming to town for the first time of the 2016 season. I most likely will go on Friday. I'm thinking of an affiliated minor league game this coming weekend. But, have not decided were I'm going yet.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon