Patriots at Ducks.... 2 games

Tuesday night was Game 6 on the season for me with the Patriots visiting the Ducks for a 3 game series. This was game 1 of the series.
Since I already saw the Patriots this season. I had less cards for them. But, 1 former MLBer had been added to the roster since the last time I saw them.
Evan Meek, 4 cards. Evan was an 11th rd pick in 2002 by rhe Twins. Evan has pitched in 6 seasons in the majors with the Pirates 2008-2012 and the O's 2014. Evan's best season in the majors was in 2010 when he made the NL All-Star team out of the bullpen. Evan did not come thru the dugout before the game. But he signed after the game and I was a little surprised that he signed. Last season while in Syracuse he ignored a group of us numerous times. But, I guess being in an Indy League changed his mind.
Mycal Jones, 2 cards. Mycal was a 4th rd pick in 2009 by the Braves and he has spent the last 6 seasons in the Braves system reaching as high as AAA
Bryan LaHair, 8x10. This is my second 8x10 I've gotten signed by him.
Trayvon Robinson, 1 card. Trayvon is 1 per and personalizes everything.
Brett Jodie, 3 cards. Brett is currently the Patriots Manager. As a player Brett was a 6th rd pick in 1998 by the Yankees. Brett pitched during the 2001 season with Yankees in 1 game and 7 games with the Padres

 The 11 autographs I got brings me to 73 on the season so far.

Since I started writing this I also attended game 3 of the this series which was last night (Thursday)
I did't do well at all. All I had were cards for the bullpen guys and most if not all take a shortcut to the bullpen that does not bring them thru the dugout. 
I did manage to get Efrain Nieves on 1 card. Efrain is a starter and was in the dugout at the end of the game. Efrain was a 7th rd pick in 2007 by the Brewers and pitched in the Brewers system 2007-2011,  Tigers 2012 and Jays 2013-2014 reaching as high as Advanced A. In 2015 he pitched for the Evansville Otters of the Frontier League. Sorry I did not take a picture of the card.
So, now I'm at 74 autographs on the 2016 season.

Next up the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs come back to town for a 4 games series, which was originally a 3 game series. But, Saturday will be a day night doubleheader with 1 of the games being a make up game from the last time the Crabs were in town. 
This coming sunday is also the first pregame autograph session that the Ducks have on sundays.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!!!!!