Barnstormers at Ducks

This past Saturday was Game 20 on the season for me. The Barnstormers are in town for a 4 game series. This was game 3 on the series and the second game of a day night doubleheader. The first game was a 1pm start. I went to a local card show during the day. So, missed the early game. At the end of this post I will write a little about what I got at the show.
As always I waited to see who the Ducks had in the autograph booth before the game and today is was newly signed pitcher Dustin Richardson, Dustin signed 3 cards for me. Dustin was a 5th rd pick in 2006 by the Red Sox and has pitched in 29 total games in the majors. All with the Red Sox. In 2009 he pitched in 3 games and in 2010 pitched in 26 games. Dustin has also pitched in the Angels, Dodgers, Braves and Marlins system. Dustin started the season in Oklohoma City which is the Dodgers AAA affiliate before signing with the Ducks

On the Barnstormers side I was able to get the following
Caleb Gindl, 2 cards. I wrote about Caleb earlier in the season.
Justin Jackson , 1 card. I wrote about Justin earlier in the season.
Sean Halton, 2 cards. Does not sign duplicates. Sean was a 13th rd pick in 2009 by the Brewers and played in 42 games for the Brewers in 2013. Sean has also played in the O's system and started the 2016 season playing in Mexico before signing with the Barnstormers
K.C. Hobson, 2 cards. Does not sign duplicates. K.C. was a 6th rd pick in 2008 by the Blue Jays. K.C. has played in the Jays system since 2010 reaching as high as AA. K.C. started the 2016 season in the Jays AA affiliate in New Hampshire
Charlie Cutler, Reprint of a 2013 WBC Team Israel Lineup card. Charlie was a 14th rd pick in 2008 by the Cardinals. Charlie spent 4 seasons in the Cardinals system, 2 seasons in the Pirates system and 1 season in the Angels system reaching as high as AAA. Charlie represented Israel in the World Baseball Classic in 2013. Israel did not advance past the quailifying round though. Charlie was the 3rd autograph I've gotten. 2 players that were in the ATL have since had there contracts purchased before I had a change to get them to sign the lineup card. Both players are on teams in the Northeast and I'm hoping to get them before the end of the season. Then in Sept. Israel will be playing at MCU Park in the 2016 quilifying rounds for the WBC.
Cory Burns, GU Locker Name Plate. Cory was a 8th rd pick in 2009 by the Indians and pitched in parts of 2 seasons in the majors. 17 games for the Padres in 2012 and 10 games for the Ranger s in 2013. The plate is from 2013 when he pitched for the Rangers

I was able to get 9 autographs on the night

The autograph show I attended during the day had a theme of the Perfect Game. They had a good selection of Baseball, Football and Basketball players signing autographs. But, I only got 1 during the show. I added former Red pitcher Tom Browning to my Riverfront Stadium seat that already has Pete Rose and Lou Pinella on it. Tom added Perfect Game and WS inscription at my request.
Tom was a 9th rd pick in 1982 by the Reds and spent 11 seasons with the Reds and then pitched in 2 games for the Royals in his final season in 1995. Tom was an All-Star in 1991. His best season in the majors was in 1985 when he was 20-9, started 38 games, 6 complete games and 4 shutouts

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