Tri-City at Cyclones

This past Monday was my 22st game of the season and it was in Brooklyn with the Tri-City Valley Cats visiting. Tri-City is the short season affiliate to the Astros. Todays goal was to get Daz Cameron who is currently ranked #5th in the Astros Top 30 prospects. Daz is also the son of fomer MLBer Mike Cameron.
Daz was a 1sr rd pick (37th overall) in 2015 by the Astros. Daz started the 2016 season in Quad Cities which is a level lower. But, got demonted after starting the season off hitting 0.143. Daz was like a machine and signed alot. I was able to get Daz on 6 cards and my logo sheet.
A couple of others had cards Akeem Bostick and Austin Nicely. I only had cards for Akeem Bostick and he signed 2 cards and the logo sheet. Akeem was a 2nd rd pick in 2013 by the Rangers. Akeem is currently ranked #29th in the Top 30 Astros Prospects
Also on the Logo sheet I got the following
Rodrigo Ayarza 2012 Free Agent by the Rangers and then signed in 2014 with the Astros
Daz Cameron 2015 1st rd pick
Ronnie Lawson, 2016 2nd rd pick
Brauly Meija 2012 Free Agent
Stephan Wrenn 2016 6th rd pick
Brett Adcock 2016 4th rd pick
Akeem Bostick 2013 2nd rd pick by the Rangers
Richardo Castro 2015 Free Agent
Enrique Chavez 2014 Free Agent
Ryan Hartman 2016 9th rd pick
Nick Hernandez 2016 8th rd pick
Dylan James 2015 Free Agent
Kevin Martir 2015 18th rd pick
Chuckie Robinson 2016 21st rd pick
Jake Rogers 2016 3rd rd pick
Marcos Almonte 2014 Free Agent
Carmen Benedetti 2016 12th rd pick
Kolby Carpenter 2015 33rd rd pick
Randy Cesar 2012 Free Agent
Alexander De Goti 2016 15th rd pick
Dustin Hunt 2016 10th rd pick
Sebastian Kessay 2013 22nd rd pick
Austin Nicely 2013 10th rd pick
Hector Perez 2015 Free Agent
Erasmo Pinales 2013 Free Agent
Luis Ramirez 2014 Free Agent
Carlos Sierra 2016 Free Agent. Carlos played played 1 season in Cuba
Ben Smith 2014 17th rd pick
Taylor Jones 2016 19th rd pick.
Kevin Hill 2016 25th rd pick

I did not graph post since the game went 17 inning and did not end till around 1am. Since it was a Monday night I left at the bottom of the 10th since I had to work the following day.

On the night I was able to get 38 autographs and it brings me to 369 autographs.

Though I didn't graph post game I got lucky and won another jersey raffle. This is the 2nd in as many games. This time it was a 2015 GU Jersey from the day the Cyclones held the 30th anniversary of Sid Finch.

No 15 was worn by Brandon Brosher, who is also on the this years team. I had attended on getting the jersey signed post game. But, since I didn't stay I'll have to bring the jersey back with me next time I go and get it signed.

The Ducks are on the road till next Monday. So, I think I will go to another Cyclones game this weekend. The Cyclones have signed one of there 1st rd picks and there 3rd and 4th picks. Maybe by the weekend they would have also signed there 2nd 1st rounder.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!!!