Tri-Star Photos and Fanatics Underwraps......

I'm a big fan of the Hidden Treasure type products and started buying a couple of different types that are on the market this year.
Fanatics put out a product called "Under Wraps" Its an autographed ball that could be a single signed ball or a Multi signed ball. This product is selling for between $90-$100. I've purchased 3 at the $90 price point. I've gotten somewhat lucky on the 3 balls I've pulled. I've been watching ebay breaks on youtube and there is some real crap coming out of this product. Although you can pull a 24k Gold Ball. Which, I have not seen any of those pulled on youtube.
 Chris Sale
 Francisco Liriano with a No Hit Inscription. I would have been disappointed if the ball had not come with the inscription
 Pic above and below is a 1975 Partial Red Sox signed ball. Luis Tiant is probably the best autograph on the ball. I plan on adding Fisk, Rice, Evans, etc

Tri-Star put out a product that features signed 8x10's. This product is a bit cheaper at $40. There is also a chance to find a redemption for an autograph Jersey. All 8x10's come with atleast a Tri-Star Hologram and some also have an MLB hologram

 Eric Hinske w/ AL ROY inscription
HOFer Juan Marichal, it would have been nice to have the HOF inscription
 Bob Turley, 3x All-Star, 1958 CY and 1958 WS MVP. Passed away in 2013
 Herb Score, 2x All-Star and 1955 AL Rookie of the Year
 Koji Uehara, 1x All-Star and 2013 ALCS MVP
 Jake Peavy, 3x All-Star and 2007 NL CY
Hofer Jim Palmer, 6x All-Star, 73, 75 and 76 AL CY. Inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1990

So far I do not think I've done so bad. I've seen far worse while watching the youtube videos like Jason Bay and Pedro Strop

Another hidden treasure type product I bought recently is the Tri-Star Mini Football Helmet. This product sells for around $75. I was not happy with what I pulled and I may never buy one of these again. I pulled a college helmet from 2003 Heismann winner Jason White. White went undrafted and and signed with the Titans. But, shortly retired after signing.
 Not sure I could have done any worse with this pull

I still have a couple of games to write about including a Cyclones game from last night in which a Michael Conforto Bobblehead was given out.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!!!!