2016 Game Log....

I have a few pages that for some reason do not show up on the Home page for my blog.
So, here is a short post that includes a link that shows my Game Log so far for the 2016 season.

2016 Game Log http://strongislandgrapher.blogspot.com/p/2016-game-log.html

2015 Game Log http://strongislandgrapher.blogspot.com/p/2016-game-log.html

I'm def ahead of schedule from last season. At this point last season I had only been to 20 games. I'm hoping to keep up the pace and hoping to get to atleast 60 games this season and at somepoint this season I'm hoping to add a few new stadiums to my list a stadiums I've seen games at.
At the moment I've been to 29 minor league stadiums and 9 major league stadiums. These numbers include stadiums that have been demo'd or just no longer used.
I do plan on writing a post that lists all of the stadiums for baseball games

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!