Game 33, Sussex County Miners at the New Jersey Jackels....

Game 33 was July 23rd. I took a drive to Yogi Berra Stadium located at Monclair State University to see a Can-Am League game between the Sussex County Miners play the New Jersey Jackals.
This was my first of 3 new stadiums I added during the 2016 season.. I will write a separate post about Yogi Berra Stadium
The Can-Am for the most part feature players who have never made it the major leagues. So, many players have Pro-Debut, Minor League Heritage or Bowman Draft cards.
Between the 2 teams today there were 3 former Mets prospects playing
On the Sussex County Miner side I got the following,
Chris Jacobs, 1 card
Dustin Lawley, 2 cards Former Met prospect
Nick Giarraputo, 1 card
Bobby Jones, 1 custom. Bobby Jones is currently the Miner Manager and former Mets pitcher

New Jersey Jackels
Cory Vaughn, 2 cards, Former Mets prospect and son of former major leaguer Greg Vaughn
Art Charles, 1 card. Former Phillies prospect
Daniel Rockett, 1 card
Rylan Sandoval, 1 card. Former Met prospect
Anthony Claggett, 2 cards. Former Yankee prospect

13 autographs on the day. I was hoping the Jackels would have had there 2016 team set out. But, they had not put them out yet

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!