Day 1 of the 2017 IP Season.....

This past Saturday was my first chance to graph for 2017 season.
Each year the Ducks hold a Fan Fest that includes a free Spring Training game vs Cross Sound Rivals Bridgeport Bluefish. Gates open at 10:30am with the game at 1pm. This the only time we the fans can watch batting practice. With 2.5 hrs before game time it gives me plenty of time to graph, during that 2.5 hrs the Ducks hold a BBQ on the concourse for season ticket holders, which I'm not. But, I you have to do is wait around the barricades that are set up and you can get the players to sign.
This years teams has more new faces than in years past. Some of the new faces include Former Orioles outfielder, Nolan Reimold, Former Yankee and Mets pitcher David Aardsma and Former Rockies and Dodgers pitcher Chin-Hui Tsao. A couple of lesser known former Big Leagers include Rafael Perez and Tim Melville. Nate Freiman returns after a short stint last season with the Ducks before his contract was purchased my the Red Sox. Nate also recently played for Team Israel during the WBC. Team Israel surprised many by advancing further than expected.
I got the following:
Jonathan Albaladejo, Ducks. 2 cards. Jonathan pitched in parts of 5 season with the Nats, Yankees and D-Backs
Jose Gil, Bluefish,  2 cards
Tim Melville, Ducks 3 cards, Pitched in a 3 game stint with the Reds in 2016
Santiago Nessy, Bluefish,  2 cards
Alberto Callaspo, Bluefish 4 cards, 10 year Big League Vet and played with the D-Backs, Royals, Angels, A's, Braves and Dodgers
Jonathan Galvez, Bluefish, 1 card
Charles Brewer Bluefish, 1 card. Pitched in a 3 game stint with the D-Bakcs in 2013
Drake Britton Bluefish, 1 card and is 1 per. Pitched in parts of the 2013 and 2014 season with the Red Sox
Chris Rearick Bluefish, 2 cards, Pitched in a 5 game stint with the Padres in 2015
Eury De La Rosa, Ducks, 1 card. Pitched in parts of the 2013 and 2014 season with the D-Backs
Rafael Perez Ducks , 4 cards, 7 year Big League Vet pitching all 7 seasons with the Indians.
Chi-Hui Tsao Ducks 4 cards. Pitched in parts of 6 seasons with the Rockies and Dodgers
Angelo Songco Ducks 1 card
Keith Couch Ducks 2 cards. Keith is a local product from
Alex Burg Ducks 1 card
David Aardsma Ducks, 5 cards. 9 year Big League Vet, pitched for the Giants, Cubs, White Sox, Red Sox, Mariners, Yankees, Mets and most recently the Braves in 2015. David could probably be the nicest guy on the team. Spent alot of time talking with us about his experience in the majors.
Nolan Reimold Ducks, 1 card. Does not signs dups. 8 year Big League Vet, playing mostly for the Orioles and then playing parts of the 2014 season with the Jays and D-Backs. Nolan played 104 games with the Orioles in 2016
Elmer Reyes Ducks 3 cards
Marc Krauss Ducks 1 card, Played in parts of the 3 seasons in the Majors with the Astos, Angels, Rays and Tigers
Nate Freiman Ducks my 8x10 from the WBC, Played in parts of 2 seasons with the A's. Most recently in 2014. I had a brief conversation with him about the WBC and what would happen if the Olympics picked up baseball again.
Rainy Lara Bluefish my 8x10 from Binghamton
Tyler Badamo Bluefish my 8x10 from Cyclones. Tyler is a local product and is a former Mets prospect. We had a brief conversation about his time in the Mets system
Tony Abreu, Bluefish, GU Locker Name plate. Played parts of 6 seasons in the Majors with the Dodgers, D-Backs, Royals and Giants

My total for the day was 44 cards, 1 locker plate and 3 8x10's.

Next up will probably be the Ducks home opener on April 29th

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon