Game 11 Rochester Redwings at Scranton Railriders...

Game 11 was May 20th in Scranton. I took a ride up to Scranton for another reason and I will leave that as a surprise.
The Redwings are the AAA affiliates of the Twins.
I graphed pre-game mostly on the Railriders side. The game was a 4pm game and I arrived around 8:30 am. I didn't need to be there that early. But, If you have ever experiences the traffic getting off Long Island you would understand why I left early. I actually made great time going. Come home on Sunday was a different story.
Outside for the Railriders I was able to get the following:
Al Pedrique, 1 team card from 2016
Ruben Tejada, 4 cards
Jia-Man Choi, Generic Custom
Kyle Higashioka, 3 cards
J.R. Graham, 3 cards
Luis Cessa, 2 cards
Ernesto Frieri, 3 cards
Eddy Rodriguez,  1 team card from 2016
Daniel Camarena, one of my 8x10's, from when he played with Trenton
Chance Adams, 8x10, Chance was a 5th rd pick in 2015 by the Yankees and is ranked 7th of the Top 30 prospects in the Yankee system
Dustin Fowler, one of my 8x10's from when he played with Trenton. Dustin was a 18th rd pick in 2013 by the Yankees and is ranked 8th of the Top 30 prospects in the Yankee system
Tyler Webb, one of my 8x10's from last season with the Railriders

I'm sure some of you are wonder were are the Clint Frazier autographs. He is pretty impossible to get now. I have heard from some of the locals he will sign. But, few and far between. He also does not park with the rest of the team which makes him harder to get. Word is that some of the local dealers ruined it for everyone. Those dealer are about to ruin it for everyone when it comes to Chance Adams. Adams asked a woman "You want me to sign more for you?" She proceeded to hand him 2 OMLB's  That woman had a family of 4 with her and they all got him on mulitple OMLB's

Redwings I got
D.J. Baxendale, 3 cards
Kyle Gibson, 1 card, 1 per after the game inside after he charted
Tommy Field, 1 card
Mitch Garver, 2 cards
J.R. Murphy, 1 card
Nick Tepesch, 2 cards
Matt Hague, 1 card
Stu Cliburn, 4 cards

I was a good day, 36 autographs between the 2 teams which brings my season total to 159

Next up will be day 2 in the Scranton area and it was NOT another Railriders game.

Thank for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!