Game 13 Barnstormers at Ducks...

Game 13 was the following night with the Barnstormers and Ducks
I had gotten most of the cards I needed signed from the Barnstormers, minus a Daniel Moskos who I had not seen in the dugout the night before and I did not see him again in the dugout.
I did get another 3 from Lastings Milledge inside
I then graphed the bus after to get Daniel Moskos on 3 cards and then another 3 from Milledge
Milledge has been great during the series. Very friendly and joked around with us.
After getting Milledge inside I had time to head over to the Ducks side and I was able to get
David Aarsdma, 3 cards
Marc Krauss,  1 card

This time I got 13 between the 2 teams, this brings my season total to 183

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