Joe Montana Free Signing.......

The day after the Railriders game, NFL Hall of Famer Joe Montana did a free signing at the Mohegan Sun Pocono Casino. I had heard about this signed about 4 weeks prior to the event.  The only catch was no outside items were allowed. I figured it was well worth the weekend trip.

Joe was a 3rd pick in 1979 by the San Francisco 49ers and has a laundry list of  accomplishments.
Starting with Winning a National Championship in 1977 in college playing for Notre Dame.
He was drafted in the 3rd of the NFL draft in 1979 by the 49ers and spent 14 seasons with the Niners. During his time with the Niners he won 4 Super Bowls and was the MVP of 3 of them. Joe was also a 8x Pro Bowler, 7 with the Niners. He also won the NFL MVP twice, won the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year, was also a 2x AP Athlete of the year.
Joe was then traded to the Kansas City Chiefs in 1993, He only played 2 seasons with the Chiefs before announcing his retirement in April of 1995.

It was a long day, in order to get an autograph you had to get a bracelet. Bracelets were handed out at 1pm and there was no announcement on how many bracelets would be handed out.
I had heard from some of the locals people were going to get to the Casino early to get online. So, I got to the casino around 8am. There were about 40 people already waiting. At that point there was no real organized line. I had knew a few of the guys and sat around for awhile talked. Word spread that someone actually showed up at 10pm the night before. There was even some guy had his body painted in Niners colors. He looked pretty ridiculous.
Word finally spread that they would hand out 350 bracelets. I was told more than 100 people were turned away.
1 pm rolled around and I was probably No. 45 online, I got my bracelet and left the area to get some food and walk around alittle. The autograph session didn't start till 5:30pm. Some people got right back online
I came back to the area and got online around 2:30 pm. It was alot of standing around and chatting with people.

The whole thing was pretty well set up. Just before you got to the end of the line they handed you a photo. Which was not a bad. It was on photo paper. But, had a large logo of the Casino on it.
Joe signed quickly and the line moved. Joe shuck everyone hand when you got to the table.

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