HOFer Lou Brock

I did not plan on writing about paid autograph appearances. But, I wanted to share this awesome experience with you guys.

Tonight I went to a paid appearance at the Steiner store in the mall hear on the Island. Keith Hernandez and Lou Brock where signing .  http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/h/hernake01.shtml and http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/b/brocklo01.shtml.

Keith is my favorite player of all time. So, I never pass up on getting his autograph.  HOFer Lou Brock is a player I’ve always wanted to add to my collection and he does not do a lot of appearance on the Island.  So, I had to go. The signing was to start at 6:30, Keith gets there nice and early and starts signing the mail orders.  Then Lou Brock arrives about 20 minutes later. He greets the Steiner Rep and they talk for a few minutes. Then the best part happens. Lou walks over to the crowd and introduces himself and starts shaking hands.  There were probably about 50 or so people on line. I would say he must have shuck about 12 people’s hands. He took pictures and was great. This has never happened at any appearance I’ve ever been to.  What a Class Act!! He is now at the top of my list of the nicest ball players I’ve ever met.  Two others that come to mind are HOFer Brooks Robinson and former Brooklyn Dodger Don Newcombe.  

I got both Keith and Lou on official Rawlings baseballs.  The ball Keith signed is one of the commemorative Shea Stadium balls. In which he signed 86 WS Champs. Lou signed HOF 85.

This is one of those experiences that make collecting autographs such a fun and exciting hobby. I'll never forget it and hope you all get to have similar experiences.