Ducks vs Somerset Patriots

Last night the Somerset Patriots played the Ducks. This is my second game of the season.

In the autograph booth for the Ducks was former Big Leaguers Gustavo Chacin. I got him to sign my GU Blue Jays Jersey. I was going to wait afterwards to get the jersey signed. But luckily he was in the booth. I was not going to pass up the chance to get him considering I got burnt on Ryan Garko in the first game. Before the season started I was always reading up on who signed where. I had found a couple of GU Jerseys ebay and picked up the Chacin and Garko jerseys. Garko signed with the Rays and was sent to AA before I had the chance to get his jersey signed. Knowing Chacin has pitched in the majors with the Jays and Astros. I figured there was a good chance he would get picked up by a major league orig. soon. So, I guess to make it a mission.

After Chacin, I went back over to the Patriots side and nobody had come out yet. So, I didn’t miss anyone. Another piece of memorabilia I had picked up on ebay was a Josh Rupe Locker name plate. Josh pitched in the majors from 05-09 with the Rangers, 2010 he pitched for the Royals and in 2011 he pitched for the Orioles. I was able to get him to sign it. Now I just had cards to get. I was able to get the following on cards.

Freddie Bynum, 1 card. Freddie has played in the majors with the Cubs and Orioles and has also played in the A's and Cards system

Justin Cassel, 1 card. Justin was in the White Sox system getting as high as AAA.

Derrell McCall, 2 cards. Derrell has pitched in the A's and Marlins system getting as high as AAA.

Aaron Mathews, 2 cards. Aaron played in the Jays system getting as high as AAA.

DeAngelo Mack, 2 cards. DeAngelo played on the Yankees system getting as high as AA.

I missed out on 2 former Yankees Anthony Claggett and Chase Wright and catcher Lou Santangelo.

Sparky Lyle surprisingly signed allot. In the past he was not very accommodating. I’ve gotten him before and nothing for him tonight.  
I was going to stay afterwards and try to get who I had missed on the field. But, I was not prepared for how cool it got and left in the 8th while the Ducks where winning 7-3.

Next up for the Ducks is the Lancaster Barnstormers. I hoping to get to Tuesdays game and
Next Friday I going to see the Rockland Boulders vs. Worcester Tornadoes. Jose Canseco is on Worcester. Why pay for an autograph, If I can get it for free.
Thanks for reading and check back soon.