O's @ Mets and Batting Practice on the field

How many of you guys are on Facebook? I'm sure most of you, if not all. I hope you all "Like" your favorite teams. Sometime late last week there was a post from the Mets. It was called "Social Media Night". You could watch batting practice from the Left field warning track. The ticket included the batting practice experience, a field level seat and an $18 food voucher, all for $35. The seats that are included in these tickets are typically $45 face value.  For an game vs. the O's. You can't go wrong.  The game started at 7:10 and we where to be outside the Stengel VIP entrance at 4:30. I had also thought this would have been a great chance to get autographs. So, I went prepared. As you will see my bag in the pics.
I had gotten there around 4:00 and there where about 12 or so people already waiting at the gate. So, the doors open and the first thing that we need to do is sign a waiver. I didn't read and I'm sure no one else did either.
I'm thinking it basically stated that if you were to get hurt you would not sue the team or anyone associated with the team and there may have been some rules. The package also included a t-shirt. After a few people signed the waivers we where escorted in small groups thru the hallways of the stadium that lead to the large doors in the left field wall. As I approached the doors you can see into the stadium and the rush went thru my  body. I've gotten a similar feeling when I took a tour of BOB, which is now known as Chase Field in Phoenix Arizona. Home of the Diamond Backs. This was a little more of a rush, sought of like the time I went to Fenway.
Here is the first thing I saw as I came thru the doors.
There was Jon Rauch, Justin Turner and Tom Goodwin waiting to shag balls. I looked around a little to take it all in and then realized I better pay attention before I got hit with a ball. At this point there was only about a dozen of us on the warning track. I took some pics and since I was alone asked someone to take a couple of pictures of me 

As you could see in the pic, there as plastic barriers set up so that we could not go on the grass. The barriers extend to just about left center. I was hoping the barrier would have gone out to center so I could get a picture standing next to the 50th Ann. and the "Kid 8" Logo.
Here are some more pics,
 Notice the WB Mason sign, that is where Mike Baxter hit the wall and made the spectacular catch to help Johan get his No-Hitter.

                                                                       Justin Turner

                                                                 Captain Kirk and Justin

                                                        Vinny Rottino and Tom Goodwin

                                                       Daniel Murphy and Terry Collins
I brought my glove with me, hoping to get a few balls. But, with around 150 to 200 people all trying for the balls in made it a little difficult to move around. After almost knocking down a woman going after a ball. I decided that I would only try to get a ball if it came directly at me. No, Luck!!!! It would have been nice to get a ball. But, I was on the field for batting practice at Citi Field, that was enough for me and NO, I didn't get any autographs. Not one player even approached us.
Justin and Kirk did let a few balls go by to allow some kids to get them and he even threw a couple into the crowd.
After the Mets finished we where technically supposed to leave the field. But, the reps allowed us to stay half way thru the O's batting practice. Here are some other pics
                                                                        Pedro Strop
                                                                  Former Met Darren O'Day
After leaving the field I decided to try for auto's on the Mets side with no luck. I did get a ball during BP that bounced into the stands. It was better than nothing.
I then walked around the stadium and took pictures from different places. I picked up a decent Nikon and was looking forward to using it.
                                                        The Shea Bridge which is in Right Center

    Mets 50th Anniversary Logo and a memorial logo to the late Gary Carter. R.I.P. Gary, you will be missed 
    Here you can see where the fence was moved in. The wall used to be directly under the Modell's sign

    Bullpen coach  Ricky Bones and Josh Thole along with the bullpen catcher during the national anthem
                                                            Capt. Kirk warming up before the game.
 Here is the 2012 NL CY Award winner R.A. Dickey with Josh Thole and Dan Warthen walking in from the bullpen before the game.
                                                                            Lucus Duda
                                                 I took this from the MO Zone in Right Center Field
                                                    Looking up in the Jackie Robinson Rotunda

I did get one autograph before entering the stadium. I added Brian Matusz to a scrub ball that I had started in Baltimore a few weeks ago.
I do not have any plans to attend any games in the next week or so. Other than a few Ducks games when the they return from there road trip. The Sugar Land Skeeters will start a series on June 28th. Sugar Land is the most recent addition to the Atlantic League. The Skeeters Manager is former Big leaguer Gary Gaetti. He is def. worth a OMLB.
Hope you enjoyed the pics and Thanks for Looking.  Check back soon!!!