Reds @ Mets, Keith Hernandez Bobblehead Day

Today I went to the Reds @ Mets game at Citi Field. It was also Keith Hernandez bobblehead day. I had purchased tix as soon as they went on sale only because of the bobblehead giveway. Keith is my all time favorite Met.
I do not think they got the mustache right. I think it looks more like a Bobby Ojeda mustache.

I had not planned on graphing today. But, my dad decided he didn't want to go at the last minute. So, I got up early and headed over to Citi. I arrived around 8:15 and there were only 3 others graphing. I was able to get the following before the game.
Scott Hairston 8x10
Mike Nickeas 8x10
Jon Rauch, 1 card. If you ever get his auto, the magic word is please. I usually say please anyway But, the other guys said he will only sign if you say please.
Vinny Rottino, 1 card
Dillon Gee 1 card
I missed Duda because there was a cab coming and it turned out not to be Billy Hatcher who did not have for.
Everyone else either ignored or said they would sign inside.
A side note to any of you NY Giant fans. Eli Manning arrived by taxi around 9:30 and took a picture with one person and refused to sign baseballs. He said only football items. He threw out the first pitch today.

Then it was time to go inside and I headed over to the 3rd base side for the Reds. Hoping to get Votto or Bruce. But, no luck. Votto teased us abit and made it look like he was going to sign. But, didn't. I had read that Votto signed outside yesterday.
I was able to get Brandon Phillips, Bronson Arroyo and Todd Frazier. All one per and I had 2 for Arroyo and Phillips.
Then I decided to start a scrub ball for the Reds thinking more guys would sign. Nope, I got J.J. Hoover all by his lonesome on a OMLB. I'm not happy with that. It was a waist of a $15 ball.
A few more guys signed over near the dugout. But, if you not have tixs for those sections, you can't go around the dugout.
Chapman ran by us 3 time and didn't even acknowledge us.I guess may I should learn some spanish.
The Mets lost 3-1. The only Mets run was scored on a bases loaded walk. Chris Young was decent and then the wheels fell off.
At one point during the game it appeared that Johnny Cueto was hurt. But, it turned out he just wanted something to drink. Really in the middle of the inning, WTF??
So, the game ends and because it was a travel day for the Reds, I decided to try for the Mets again.
I was able to get Chris Young, 1 card and he was 1 per and then Bobby Parnell walked out of  the parking lot and signed. Odd thing was he drove in. After signing he walked back into the parking lot. I never saw that before and another thing about Parnell is, he personalizes all cards.If its a team ball he does not.
Does Parnell know nobody is going to get rich off of one of his autographs. Then again i do not care. I do not sell my stuff.
Mike Baxter was the only other Met I saw sign after the game, But, I did not bring any of his cards with me because he is on the DL and didn't expect to see him.

Tomorrow hopefully will be a better day. The Mets are having a social media day. I had received a message thru Facebook from the Mets regarding this event. For $37.50, you get a tix, $18 food voucher and you get to watch batting practice from the warning track in left field. The Orioles are in town. I have to be at the stadium by 4:30 for a 7:10 game. Not sure how this whole is going to work.
I will bring to scrub Orioles ball I had started a few weeks ago when I was in Baltimore.
Thanks for reading and I will try to post something on Tuesday about tomorrow night.