Dodgers at Mets and Edgardo Alfonzo Bobblehead Day

The Dodgers are in town to play the Mets and its 4th Bobblehead of the 50th Anniversary Series the Mets are doing this season. The first one was Tom Seaver, then Rusty Staub and then Keith Hernandez. The final bobblehead will be Mike Piazza.

I took my 13 yr old nephew to the game with me and couldn't get him up early enough to graph outside in the morning. But, brought my stuff with me inside and headed down to the 3rd base side to try for some Dodgers. Kemp was warming up with Ethier & Gwynn right in front of me and we where all hoping he would just turn around and sign for us. When they were done Gwynn turned around and gave the ball to a little boy in front of me and all 3 guys ran off into centerfield. The whole during batting practice not one Dodger signed at all. Just as batting practice ended the ushers are asking everyone to leave the area unless you can show them a ticket for those sections. So, we left and headed up to get some food.
We decided to wait on the long line for the Shake Shack. I had never tried it before and was happy I waited on the 40 min line. A single cheese burger, cheese fries and a Black and White Shake. Good Stuff. I've had food at Blue Smoke in the past and that is some of the best BBQ I've had. Boog's BBQ in Baltimore was good also. But, had a little different taste.
I hate leaving a game with no autographs. So, I decided to give the Mets parking lot a shot after the game.  I've been trying to get my nephew into graphing. But, he is not having it. He would rather text his friends.
I was able to get Jason Bay 2 Cards, Miguel Batista 1 card, Jordany Valdespin OMLB and Josh Edgin on my ticket stub. Batista got DFA'ed after the game and it was no surprise to me after his crappy performance. 3 innings, 5 hits and 4 runs, all earned.
                                  Valdespin, I probably turn the ball into a misc. team ball next time I go.
                                                                    Batista and Bay
                                                                    Josh Edgin
While waiting for the Mets, I was talking to a kid I see there often and he said Kemp and Ethier signed just before the national anthem in the same location I was before the game. If my nephew was not with me. I probably would have hung out there and got him. But, I'm not complaining. It was his first game at Citi, we go to a lot of Duck and Islander game together and he enjoys it.
I decided to leave because my nephew kept asking to leave. I packed my stuff up and head to the car. As I was walking past the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, I noticed Bobby Abreu hanging out with I guess some of his family. So, I quickly pulled a ball and pen out of my bag and asked him to sign. He says to me "I do not sweet spot" I said "Ok, just panel it then" I said Thank You and continued to my car.
It was not a bad day. It finished on a better note. Wish it had been Kemp or Kershaw.
Bobby Abreu
Here are some other random pics from the game

 In the parking lot the old bases from Shea are layed out and there is a similar plaque in the ground at each base and as you can see this is home plate
 Pitchers mound
      Rauch and Murphy during batting practice
A side note, I had never used Stub Hub before and when I selected my tickets I had noticed Row 5-WC. Wasn't really sure what it had meant. It turns out that they were seats for the wheel chairs. It was one fixed seat and one folding chair. I felt a little strange sitting there. But, I guess they allow anyone to buy those seats.

My next game will probably be a Duck game in the next few days. Thanks for looking and check back soon.