Somerset Patriots Vs. Ducks

It was a disappointing start to the second half of the season for me. Last night the Patriots are in to play the Ducks. I did not have much for either team since this is the second go around for the Patriots this season and I was able to bang out alot of the Ducks stuff at the recent pregame autograph session a couple of weeks ago.
On the Patriots side I only needed 1 position player. Most of the pitchers who are in the bullpen have been going the back way and avoiding the dugout. The other starters usually do not come out until after the game starts.
I was able to get
Yunesky Sanchez 1 card. Yunesky played for a few years in the D-backs system getting as high as AAA.
Travis Bowyer 2 cards. Travis pitched in 8 games back in 2005 for the Twins, then was traded to the Marlins got hurt and has been out of baseball since due to a shoulder injury.
I was also waiting on former Met Sean Green, former Yankee prospect Chase Wright and former Tiger prospect Jon Kibler. Neither came the thru the dugout,  at least before the game. Green must have come out after the national anthem because he was coaching 1st base every other inning.
Sparky Lyle was back to his old self and ignored everyone. I had 1 card with me and I never expect him to sign. So, I was not disappointed.

                                            Tonight was also QuackerJack bobblehead night.

I had planned on staying after. But, the game was dragging on and did not finish till 10:35pm. I left in the bottom of the 6th at 9:30. If I didn't have to get up at 5am, I would have stayed. I was going to wait for the latest addition to the Ducks roster. Former Met Timo Perez, I found a GU Bat on Ebay and was hoping to get it signed. 
I'm sure I will get him in the next week or two.

Here are couple of pics of Timo. He is no as quick as he used to be and he DH'ed last night. He is not the prototypical DH. But, its the Atlantic League.

I was thinking of going tonight. But, as I write this. There is a T-Storm rolling thru and the forecast is for more of this until midnight.

The Sugar Land Skeeters are back in town on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Skeeters added Former Met prospect Scott Kazmir.  Then the South Maryland Bluecrabs are in Monday thru Wednesday.

I do have tickets for Fridays Cyclones game and may also go to the Mets game on Saturday for Edgardo Alfonso bobblehead and then back to the Ducks on Sunday for the pregame autograph session. I've been taking more Duck pics.

Word around the stadium last night was that Former Big League Manager Jimmy Williams has been to a few games. Jimmy has managed the Blue Jays, Red Sox and Astros . His son Shawn plays for the Ducks. I'll have to start carrying is cards with me. He was sitting behind home plate. I heard that he would not sign during the game. But, did before and after.

Thanks for Looking and Check Back soon!!!!