Staten Island Yankees @ Brooklyn Cyclones

Friday the Baby Bombers played the Cyclones, it was also Dillion Gee Bobblehead night.I didnt expect to get much in the way of autographs because it rained most of the day. It did stop around the time the gates opened.
So, I continued my custom Cyclones logo sheet and was going to start the Staten Island one.
The plan was to do the Cyclones inside and get the Baby Bombers outside near the bus.
While I was waiting for the Cyclones to come out, I noticed about a dozen or so Baby Bombers climbing the railing and entering the stands. The players enter from the dugout and there is no reason for them to be in the stands. So, I went to the other side to check things out. It turns out that they had to buy there own dinner. Most of the guys where getting Nathans. I figured this was a good chance to get a few.
I got Deitrich Enns, Derek Varnadore and Jackson Jalesa. Jalesa must have been a late add on to the roster. So, when I made up the custom he was not on the roster. I always ask the guys to sign the bottom were there is some room. So, he wrote his name and then signed it.
I probably could have gotten more autos. But, stopped asking because I didn't want to bother them. After they order there food they went back to the dugout and ate. At this point the Cyclones started to come out and I went back to the 1st base side thinking I could get the rest of the guys as they got on the bus.
On the Cyclones side I was able to add the following to my custom Logo,
Alexander Sanchez, Dimas Ponce, Ernesto Yanez, Bobby Malek (Coach), Beck Wheeler, John Miccone (Long Island Product), Luis MateoPaul SewaldGabriel Ynoa and Hansel Robles.
After taking some decent photos at the last game I also got the following on 8x10's, Brando Nimmo (added 2011 1st Rd), Phillips Evans, and Kevin Plawecki (Not my photo, him while at Purdue).
I will not be able to complete the logo since 1 of the players was promoted to Savannah and another was demoted to Kingsport. Unless they find there way back to Brooklyn. Out of the players left I think I need  6 or 7.
Tonight was also FDNY appreciation night. So, the Cyclones wore special uni's that were raffled off at the end of the night. I bought $10 chances and waited in the stands for them to call the numbers out. No Luck. I didnt win any of them.
Because I waited inside for the raffle I missed the Staten Island team bus. Just as I was walking out of the gate I noticed the bus leaving. I asked one of the guys outside the gate if that was the bus and he said Yes. The players didn't even change. They boarded the bus in there uniforms and left. The kid I had talked to said they said they had no time to sign. Oh, Well. I'm sure I would have gotten at least half the guys.
I'll probably make a trip or 2 to Staten Island anyway.
Because of the weather I didn't even bring my camera in to the stadium.
Here are the pics of the 8x10's,

                                                                       Phillips Evans (Above)
                                                                     Brandon Nimmo (Above)
     Kevin Plawecki (Above, Its hard to see since I used a silver SRX, I thought he would have signed to dark area of the photo. Instead he signed over his pants and really leaned on the pen and made it fat. I'll get him again on a different photo.

Today I went to the Mets game, I will try to write about that tomorrow.

Thanks for looking and Check back soon.