Eagles at Redskins Nov. 18, 2012

Its been awhile since I've posted anything. I've gotten 1 auto in the last few weeks. Don Mattingly appeared here on Long Island. Not much else going on.
Things are not looking good at all for hockey. I have a feeling the whole season will be a wash.

I'm a Big Redskins fan and have never been down to D.C. for a game. So, I decided to pick up a couple of tix for this past Sunday's game vs. the Eagles.
Since I had never been to a game I figured I wouldn't do any graphing. I just wanted to experience a game at FedEx without trying to get autographs. One of the many rules is, Bags are not allowed. Atleast a bag that I typically bring when I graph a game is not allowed. I did see some people bring in draw string bags.
The gates open 2 hours before kickoff. I got there 30 minutes before the gates opened. So, we can walk around outside and take pictures.
FedEx Field opened in 1997 and it was then called Jack Kent Cooke Stadium. Named after the owner at the time. Its current capacity is 85,000. The capacity as changed over the years and at one point was as high as 91,704.
Knowing I may have a chance to get an autograph on my hat. I had to bring a black sharpie with me. What do you know, As we walking to the stadium. Comcast the local sports channel had a stage set up. On stage was Former Redskin Clinton Portis. He came down the stairs and I got him on my hat. I was the only person around who asked him for his auto. I meant to get a picture with him. But, he was being rushed into the stadium and I missed out.
After the gates opened we went down to the field to take pictures and I noticed some people down near what was the player entrance on the field. The players where out for there pregame warm up. I was also able to get LB Lorenzo Alexander. RGIII came out and didn't sign. A few other signed. But, If i was going to get autos, I wanted them on pictures, cards or mini's. So, I passed up the others who signed. Next time I will know better and be more prepared.
After getting Alexander we walked around and took more pictures. I took my 13 yr nephew who had never been to an NFL game before. He also plays, so he wanted to watch the players practice.

                                                 Just a few of my favorite Skins in the Ring of Fame.

I had picked up 2 tixs from Ebay. Not really knowing the seat layout. I picked up tix that had an obstructed view. They where located in the second to last row in section 228. The obstruction was the club level above.
When I bought the tix is was a spur of the moment. The price was not bad. I should have done my homework better. When we got to the seats the obstruction was worse than I thought. In addition to the club level above. There was also a concrete pillar. My nephew and I were not happy. So, we moved down to watch the rest of practice. While watching practice I approached one of the ushers and asked him if these seats would fill up? I was hoping to move down and atleast get in front of the pillars.
For a few extra bucks I was able to do even better. We moved down into the 100's and had great seats.

Here are some more pictures. I took over 100. But, didn't want to post all of them. I took these with my Nikon P500.

                                                                   Player introductions
                                                                 The view from my seats!!!

                                                                         TD celebration!!!!

                                 Is the coach giving a sign to the players or does he not want to see?

                                                               Some of the First Ladies of Football

It was alot of fun and great to finally make it FedEx for a game.

Check out my collection Stats page. I've updated it.

Thanks for Looking, Check Back Soon and Have a Great Turkey Day!!!!