Upper Deck is really Reaching!!!!

I know the UD SP Signature has been on the market for awhile now and I meant do a short review.
But, I was just scanning Ebay and noticed an auction for a 2012 SP Signature Franchise Focus Gary Carter/Josh Thole Dual auto.
Are they kidding me!!! How do you put Josh Thole on the same card. That is so disrespectful to Gary Carter. Why not a Carter/Piazza or even a Carter/Hundley????
For those who have never bought a pack or a full box. Each box contains 3 packs. Each pack includes 3 autograph cards. 1 of which is a manufactured patch card auto or a Dual, Triple of Quad autograph.
If you watch youtube box breaks of this product I'm sure you would be turned off. The pack are going from anywhere between $60-$100 and some of the crap that comes out of these packs is crazy. I think I got lucky. If I remember correct. I had bought 4 single packs and then a 1 box. At one point I did post one of my hits. It was a dual autograph of Koufax/Berra /10. That card came out of a single pack. Then my next multi-autograph  card was a Mike Dunn/Kyle Skipworth. I almost puked! My next one was a Kyle Blanks/Casey Kelly/Donavan Tate, again more crap. The next couple I was able to deal with. An Dual  autograph of Aaron Crow/Eric Hosmer and then a quad autograph of Juan Francisco, Juan Duran, Johnny Cueto and Edison Volquez. Then I ended up with 1 of the patch autograph cards. The patch is always a small USA flag that includes an autograph of an American player. I pulled a Roy Oswalt. I guess its acceptable! But, my last one I was real happy about, it was a Triple of Orlando Cepeda, Willie McCovey and Juan Marichal.
So, those where my best hits from the 7 boxes. They are abit pricey. But, when I pulled the Koufax/Berra, I had to try again.

Not sure if any of you have seen or even bought the new 2012 Topps Five Star yet? But, that is a sick product. I do not plan on buying any since the price is upwards of $450 per box. Which only includes 5 cards, 4 are autographs. But, check out the box breaks on youtube. If any of you pick up a box let me know how you do.

Before I finish. I would like to Thank all of you who read this! I reached 2000 views recently.
I'm a little surprised I'm still getting views since I have not had a IP success this winter. All due to the fact the the NHL is still in a Lockout. I'm even more surprised to see that my audience is from all over the world. I'm guessing you guys are Military Personal?

As far as the NHL Lockout. As of today, 422 NHL games have been canceled including the All-Star game. I doubt we will see hockey at all at this point. I mean call the season a wash and do the best to make sure next season happens.

Hope everyone had a Happy Turkey Day!
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