2013 Long Island Ducks Home Opener vs. Suger Land Skeetsers

Last night was the 2013 home opener for the Long Island Ducks. The Sugar Land Skeeters are in town for a 3 game series. The Ducks started the season on the road and are off to a bad start going 1-6.  The Ducks the 2012 Defending ATL Champions and had a ring ceremony before the game. A few of the players who are no longer with the team came to accept there rings. I was to busy graphing the Skeeters to get pictures.
Dontrelle Willis was the Ducks starter and only lasted 3 innings. It appeared that he had an injury. We heard that he had a blister. But, can't confirm that.

I got the following Skeeters,
Scott Elarton 3 cards. Scott was the Astros 1st Round pick in 1994 and is a 10 yr Major League Veteran. He pitched for the Astros, Rockies, Indians and Royals. His last appearance in the Majors was with the Royals in 2008.
Fernando Perez 2 cards. Fernando spent parts of 2008 and 2009 in the Majors with Tampa Bay and has been in the minors with the Cubs and Mets since.
Jason Bergmann 2 cards. Jason is a 6 year Major League Veteran pitching mostly for the Nationals along with brief stints with the A's and Rockies.
Greg Aquino 3 cards. Greg is a 6 year Major League veteran and has pitched for the D-Backs, Brewers,  O's and Indians.
Aaron Bates 3 cards. Aaron had a stint with the Red Sox in 2009 and has since been in the Twins and Cardinals system.
Koby Clemens 1 card and a GU Bat. Koby was real nice about signing the bat. He asked me how I got it and took his time signing it. Koby was drafted in the 8th round in 2005 by the Astros. He is also Roger Clemens's son. He has also played in the Jays system. He got as high as AAA while in the Astros system. It would be great if Roger came along on a road trip.
After the game I had just one goal and it was to get Clemens on the bat. After I got the bat signed I headed over to the Ducks side and graphed with Corey Mansfield. Check out Corey's blog when you get a chance. http://corey42080.blogspot.com/2013/04/game-photos-sugar-land-skeeters-long_27.html

I did get the following Ducks,
Adam Bailey 2 cards. He has spent the last 3 season in the Astros system getting AAA.
Rian Kiniry 2 cards. Rian has spent the last 6 years in the Angels system getting as AAA.
James Houser 2 cards. James was picked in the 2nd Round by Tampa in 2002. He has pitched in 1 major league pitched in 2010 for the Marlins.
Ramon Castro 2 cards. Ramon is a 13 year Major League Veteran. He was the Astros 1st round pick in 2004. He has played for the Astros, Marlins, Mets and White Sox.

I  missed out on a few of the Skeeters and I'm hoping to finish them out tonight. The Skeeter do not come back till late June and then in September.

The Ducks did win the Game 10-5. Ramon Castro hit a 3 run bomb.

I will be going tonight and I'm hoping to get to the game tomorrow also. The Ducks continue to have a pre-game autograph session before each Sunday game. But, because of softball playoffs. I may not make it.
The Somerset Patriots are in town on Tuesday to start a 3 game series.

Thanks for Reading and Check back soon!!!