Skeeters @ Ducks

I did go to the Ducks game last night and had my worst night in a long time. Most if not all of the relievers went the back way to the bullpen and because of that I missed all of the pitchers. The only autograph I got last night was Buddy Harrelson on a 4x6.

Today was the 3rd and final game of the series between the Skeeters and Ducks. The Skeeters won the series 3-1.
Today was the first of the Sunday pre-game autograph sessions that the Ducks hold. The most of the player sit in folding chairs in front of the dugout. Typically Buddy sits a little further down the line because his line is always long. With the arrival of Dontrelle Willis, his chair was placed next to Buddy's. The session last for 15 minutes. Today the Ducks gave out autograph book to all of the fans and it made things a little more difficult to get auto's. But, I was able to get everyone I needed except Ramon Castro. Bill Murphy and Castro where in the bullpen warming up.
I got the following during the Ducks session
Ian Snell 4 cards and a 4x6. Ian is a 7 year Major League Veteran who spent most of his time pitching for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He split 2009 with Pirates and the Mariners. He pitched in 2010 for the Mariners and spent 2011 in the Dodgers system.
Eric Niesen 2 cards. Eric spent 7 years in the Mets system getting as high as AA. This season he was in Spring Training with the Mariners before signing with the Ducks for a second year.
Ben Broussard 3 cards. Ben is a 7 year Major Veteran and has played for the Indians, Mariners and Rangers. His best year came in 2006 while with split time with the Indians and Mariners and belting 21 Homers.
Josh Barfield 2 cards. Josh played 2006-2009 with the Majors witht the Padres and Indians. He has also played most recently in the O's and Phillies system. Josh's dad was former Major Leaguer Jesse Barfield who is a 12 year Veteran who played for the Jays and Yankees. Josh has a brother, Jeremy who is currently in the A's system in AA Midland.
Dan Lyons 8x10 and an Ice Cream Cap.I had Dan sign one of my 8x10's that I had taken last season and Corey Mansfield hooked me up with a Vermont Lake Monsters Ice Cream Cap. Dan spent 7 years in the Nationals system getting as high as Advanced A. He played for Vermont in 2007
Dontrelle's line was closed and did not really plan on getting him. But, I was prepared just in case. After the players finished signing, Dontrelle continued to sign along the railing. So, I got him on 4 cards. I'm sure everyone knows that Dontrelle Willis was the NL Rookie of the year in Marlins. Dontrelle is also a 2 time All-Star and finished second on the CY ballot in 2005 going 22-10 with a 2.63 ERA. He has also pitched for the Tigers, D-Backs and Reds.  He pitched 4 games in 2012 for the O's AAA team in Norfolk before signing with the Ducks for this season.

I then went over to the Skeeters side and got the following,
Jared Wells 2 card. Jared pitched for the Padres and Mariners in 2008 and has since been in the Astros and Rockies system
Roy Corcoran 2 cards. Roy is a 5 year Veteran who has pitched for the Expos/Nationals and Mariners. He has also spent time in the Astros and Dodgers system.
Dustin Martin 2 cards. Dustin is an 8 year Minor League Veteran who has split time between the Mets and Twins systems. Getting as high as AAA.
Aaron Bates 2 cards. Aaron had a 5 game stint with the Red Sox in 2009.

The Snell 4x6 was a post card that was included in a fan pack a few years ago from the Pirates.

I guess I didn't do to bad. 50 autographs in 3 games.

The Ducks have Monday night off and then the Somerset Patriots are in town for a 3 games series. I will try to get to atleast 1 of those game. The Ducks then go on a 6 game road trip to York and Lancaster before coming home on May 10th.

I believe since the Islanders made the playoffs there may be a home game for the Isles next Saturday. I'm hoping to graph that game.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!!