Cooperstown and the Hall of Fame Classic

Day 3 on Saturday looked to be started off well. Woke up in Binghamton and the sun was out. It was still a little chilly though.
I headed out early and drove to Cooperstown where the annaul Hall of Fame Classic was to be played. 4 HOFer's and 20 former Major Leaguers where to take part in the game, The game was to be preceded by a parade of the players down Main St that would have ended at Doubleday Stadium. T hen I had purchased a ticket to an event called "Night at the Musuem". This event was to be set up like a Meet & Greet and the players were to be station around the museum and we can interact and take picture with them. I was told that autographs are not allowed.
I left early because I had heard that the players who take part in the classic gather at the Wilson Sports Complex in the morning to prepare. But, as I drove north towards Cooperstown the sky started to get more cloudy and then the rain started again. I was not looking good.
I drove into Cooperstown around 8am. By this time the rain was heavier and more steady. I found a parking spot and headed over to the Doubleday Stadium to see if there was any word on the game. No decision had been made yet. The parade was scheduled to start at 1pm and the game at 2pm.
The Night at the Musuem was to start a 7pm.
At this point the musuem was not open yet. It opened at 9am. I stoppred and had breakfest and then walked around alittle, a few shops where already open.
At around 9:30 or so. I headed over to the Hall and started walking around. I had not been there in probably 10 years so there was plenty to see. For those who have never been there. You can spend the whole day walking around. There are 3 floors packed full of memorabilia from past to present day.
I started to walk into the hall and notice half of it was blocked off and in the distance I could see Rickey Henderson, Goose Gossage, Phil Niekro and Rollie Fingers in full uniforms. They where holding a Photo Op event which was supposed to be taking place on the field at Doubleday Stadium. But, with the rain the event was moved inside.For $50 you could have your picture taken with the 4 HOFers. I passed on spending the $ and just hung around and took pictures. The was a break in taking pictures and Goose Gossage walked over to the crowd and started to talk to somebody. He then started to sign autographs. Being prepared I pulled out a ball and got him on a OMLB. Without request he signed the sweet spot and added HOF. Goose was very nice and signed for everyone. Then Rickey Henderson walked over and he started to sign as well. He was the last I expected to sign autographs at. I figured he would be saying "Rickey dont' sign" You know the 3rd person line he usually gives. So, I pulled out another ball and he paneled it and did not add HOF. Not surprised. But, I was happy to get him at all. I should compare it to other autographs to see if its a good one. I would think he would sign nicer if I was paying for it. I think alot of players have there neat autograph and then the crappy ones.  Rollie Fingers started to sign also. But, I got stuck behind some woman who had him sign the HOF ticket for each of her 4 grand kids. That is atleast what she told him. He then got called away for more picures. I have him already. But, I would never turn down a free HOF autograph. Phil Niekro was the only 1 of the 4 players who did not sign.
I had gone in not expecting get any autographs. So, I was pretty happy with getting Rickey and Goose. The photo op event ended. But, the players went thru a different exit and did not have to walk thru the crowd. So, there was no chance in getting Niekro. Atleast for now.
At some point while inside, word got around that the parage had been cancelled. But, not the game. It didn't make much sense. So, I headed back outside and started to walk to the stadium. I was just about to get to the stadium and notice alot of people walking away from the stadium. Word was going thru the crowd that the game was cancelled aswell. So, back to the hall I went.
When I got back to the hall there was an hall employee talking to a crowd of people. So, I went over and got the word that the the players will be stationed around the hall to interact with the fans. This is what the "Night at the Museum" is supposed to be. So, what i payed extra for was being given to everyone who was in the musuem already. But, I was told I can get a refund on both the game and the event that I paid extra for.
The 4 HOFers in attendance would be stationed in the Hall and the other 20 or so players would be scattered around the musuem. There was an announcement stating there will be NO autographs allowed. Pictures where allowed. If you have ever been in the musuem you know the lighting is not very bright and my camera was not working well today. I made an attempt to have my picture taken with Brett Boone, But it came out bad. So, I gave up on pictures. I started on the first floor and the first player I saw was Bert Campaneris and what do you know, he was signing! I had nothing for him but a generic custom. So, I got him to sign that. Then Brian McRae was also signing. I got McRae on a 4x6 pinnacle of when he was on the Mets. I started looking for other players but all of the other players had Hall employee with them and where not allowing the other to sign. I continued to each floor and it was all the same. No, signing. The event ended at 3pm. Bob Boone, Jim Leyritz and Benito Santiago where together takeing pictures. So, I figured along with about 10 others that the players may sign leave the museum and some did. I got Jim Leyritz on and 8x10. Then Benito was siging and a few of us followed him down the stairs. But, I never got him. I followed most of the players as they left and no one else signed. When I got down to the first floor I noticed Joel Bennett buying t-shirts in the musuem store. I went over and had him sign one of my generic customs.
It was strange to see a player in the store and waiting online to buy things. But, I asked him if he had to buy them and he laughed and said "Yeah" They do not give away things for nothing. I guess if he had pitched more than 7 games in the majors he may have been given the shirts.
At this point the players where all gone and I had remembered someone telling me to try the hotel the players stay at which was a short walk from the hall. With it still raining I was not going to walk. So, I got directions and drove over. I figured this was my last shot to get some auto's. When I got there, there was already almost 20 people waiting and luckley there was a large overhang at the from of the hotel. So, we where covered. I had already missed the HOFer's. But, I was able to get Jeffrey Hammonds on an 8x10, Bob Boone on a OMLB and Brian Fisher on a 5x7 Yankee Stadium Custom. Other players I was hoping to get were Phil Niekro, Will Clark and Bobby Cox.
The "Night at the Museum" event was sought of held already I decided to leave and head home. I was sure that there would be no autographs allowed at the event anyway and I had 4 plus hour drive home.
But, now I know what to expect and where to go next year. 
I would have like to have done better. But, considering the weather I think I did ok. I left with 8 autographs. 2 of which are HOFer's

                                                             Goose was waving to me
          I think this is a pretty cool picture of Niekro, Goose and Rollie looking at the hall plaques

                                                                     Brett Boone and I.

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