Skeeters @ Ducks

Game 15) Friday night the Skeeters came to town to start a 3 game series. I was hoping that Roger Clemens would travel with the Skeeters. He had been on the Skeeters previous road trip to Somerset and York.
I hung out and graphed with fellow blogger Corey Mansfield.
I really didn't have much for either team. But, my goal was to get a GU Bat signed by former Major Leaguer Bill Hall.
I only needed 4 pitchers from Sugar Land. Most of the relievers go the back way. So, I only got
Roy Corcoran, 1 card. Roy pitched parts of 5 seasons with the Expos, Nationals and Mariners. In 2008 he pitched in 50 games with the Mariners going 6-2 out of the bullpen.

During the game I usually walk around the lower concourse and take pictures. I had heard that Dontrelle Willis likes to interact with the crowd during the game. So, I decided to hang and and start taking pictures of him while he stood in the dugout.
If you ever been to Bethpage Ballpark you would know that there is a ramp of soughts that the players walk up to get to the dugout. But, its open at the top. This is a great place to get autographs before the game. Well he was standing in that area and I just kept taking pictures of him and it got him a little riled up. He then called out to me. He said "Why are you being creepy? Just come over and say hello" Those were his words. So, I walked down and he just kept repeating it.  I was laughing at this point. We them shook hands and he said "Its all good" Dontrelle is a real character.

                                              At this point he was looking directly at me.

 he word was that Dontrelle has been leaving the stadium just before the game ends. I think he is alittle overwhelmed with the amount of autographs requests he gets.
If I have a bat to get signed. I usually leave the stadium a little early and go back to my car. The Ducks where up 9-1 when I left in the top of the 9th and guess who was leaving when I got back to the stadium? Dontrelle! I thought it would be interesting to see how he reacts when I asked him to sign. If you have ever met me, I would say I have that face you couldn't forget. But, interestly enough he did not say anything to me about the pictures and signed 5 cards for me. Dontrelle is great, I do not think I ever seen him turn anyone down when asked for an autograph and he usually signs every card you put in front of him. Dontrelle is pitching pretty well. I wouldnt be surprised if he get signed my an affiliated team. Check out his stats so far.
Next came Bill Hall, I had what I thought was a Bill Hall GU bat. I was told it was his from 1999 and was a minor league bat. But, when I asked him to sign it. He looked at and asked me "If I had it made up for him"? I said no, I found it on ebay. He then sized it up a little. Swung it a few times and he said "He doesn't think it was his". Apparently there is another Bill Hall who played in the minors. He signed it anyway. I guess  I will have to do a little homework and see if I can find a picture of him back in the day and see what he was swinging. I think he could have been messing with me a little because he probably thinks Its going on ebay. Who knows, I didnt spend much on it
John Brownell on one of my 8x10's.  John is a 7 year minor league veteren who spent 2006 in Batavia in the Phillies system. Since then he has been in the Frontier League, Northern League and the American Association before coming to the Ducks in the middle of 2012 in a trade with Grand Praire. I offered him an extra and he took it.
Adam Bailey on a 2011 Topps Debut Cyan Printing Plate
Josh Barfield, 4 cards
Ben Broussard, 1 card

I thought it was a bit strange that it said Billy Hall. But, thought if it was a minor league bat he may have gone my Billy when he was younger.

Starting Monday the Bluefish are back and I'll probably go to atleast 1 game

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