Batavia Muckdogs @ Cyclones

Game 24 of the year was in Brooklyn last night. Batavia was in town to play the Cyclones. This season Batavia are affiliated with the Florida Marlins. There was a few affiliation changes in the NY-Penn League last season. Since 2006 Batavia has been the NY-Penn league affiliates with the Phillies, Cardinals and now the Marlins.
The night started out bad as far as graphing goes. Game time was 6:00pm. I got a late start and didn't get to the game until 6:10. So, No graphing before the game. But, I always bring my bag inside.
The Cyclones also had a "Jersey off there Backs" Raffle promotion tonight. The Cyclones wore a Blue jersey's and after the game the raffle would be drawn. I'm not sure why the different jersey's. But, I spent $20 on 25 chances. Last season I won a Phillip Evans jersey Orange jersey.
The weather forcast was for severe weather and the weather turned pretty bad by the 4th inning. A heavy T-storm rolled thru with rain and wind. The 1st rain delay lasted about 1 hr. But, there was a short time where the field crew worked on the field and it was not raining. So, I headed down to the 1st base side.
The Cyclones had made a few roster changes and added 1 pitcher to the roster and so I was able to get Johnny Magliozzi on my logo sheet. Johnny was drafted in the 17th rd in this years draft out of Florida State. That brings my total to 35 on the logo sheet. (I didnt take a picture of the logo)
Anthony Chavez on one of my 8x10's. Anthony also requested a copy.
Also got Julio Concepcion on (4) 2012 Bowman Chrome cards.

The Cyclones have had Mets utility man Justin Turner rehabbing for the last couple of days and from what I understand signed before the game. During the rain delay he said he couldn't sign during the game. I guess it was just an excuse not to sign. Oh, Well. Didn't really care if I had gotten him or not. But was prepared and had brought a couple of cards.
The game started up again. But, didn't last another inning before another heavy T-storm came thru. I was sure the game would have been called due to the amount of rain. But, the new turf that was installed before the season must have a great drainage system below. Because the plan was to start the game up again. This time the rain didn't last as long. But, the delay was another hour. So, during the 2nd rain delay I was able to 22 of the Muckdogs on a logo sheet. They are the following:
Avery Romero, 3rd rd in 2012
Austin Dean, 4th rd in 2012
Yefri Perez
Miguel Del Pozo
Jarlin Garcia
Angel Espada (Manager), 14 year minor league veteren who was drafted in the 42nd rd in 1994 by the Braves
Brendan Sagara (Pitching Coach), pitched in 4 games in 1999 with the Evansville Otters of the Frontier League(Indy)
Felix Castillo
Scott Carcaise, 14th rd in 2013
Carlos Lopez, 10th rd in 2013
Javier Lopez
Felix Munoz
Luis Ortiz
Casey McCarthy, 28th rd in 2012
Patrick Merkling, 18th rd in 2012
Ryan Newell, 7th rd in 2012
Robert Ravago, 22nd rd in 2012
Reid Redman, 23rd rd in 2012 by the Tampa Rays
C.J. Robinson, 12th rd in 2013
Trevor Williams, 2nd rd in 2013
James Wooster, 18th rd in 2010
Justin Jackson, 27th rd in 2012
Then took a chance and got Avery Romero on a OMLB. According to Baseball America, Avery is ranked as the Marlins 17th overall prospect in there system. He also was featured in ESPN the magazine as one of the Top rated High school players to be drafted in 2012.
During the 2nd rain delay in started to drizzle and put away my stuff and the Jersey Raffle was drawn while there was still some time before the game started up again and I won another GU jersey. This year it belonged to L.J. Mazzilli. L.J. is short for Lee Jr. and is the son of former Met Lee Mazzilli.

The game ended and now It was time to go get my jersey. I waited a short time and then headed out to get Mazzilli to sign it.

While waiting for Mazzilli I had 1 other 8x10 to get signed. 1st basemen Matt Oberste.
It was a strange night. I had never graphed during a rain delay before and I won another GU Jersey and left with 27 auto's
Tonight I went to the Ducks game and will write about that tomorrow.
Thanks for Reading and Check back soon!!!!!