Camden Riversharks @ Ducks

Game 25 on the season for me was a late day game, yesteday. The Ducks move the sunday home games from 1:05 to 5:05 because of the temps. This makes it easier for me to get to the games since I play softball in the morning. The sunday games also have a 20 min pre-game autograph session
Yesterday was the last of a 4 game series between the Riversharks and the Ducks.
I didnt have much for either team and it only took me a few minutes to get the Ducks I needed during the autograph session. I got Adam Bailey on another (4) Topps Debuts cards and Josh Barfield on (2) Just Minors and also got Bill Hall and P.J. Phillips on my 8x10's.
Both the Bailey and Barfield cards are available for trade if anyone is interested.

On the Riversharks side I only got Armando Gambino on (2) Upper Deck cards. Armando has pitched in a total of 7 games between 2009 and 2010 having 2 short stints with the Twins and O's. He pitched in Mexico in 2012.
I had cards for Wilson Valdez and Delwyn Young. Young just ingored us. Valdez on he other hand is a piece of work. I asked him to sign 1 card and his response was "I'll sign 1 card" and waved his hand in the air as if he was signing and walked away. I didn't expect him to sign. But, I had to ask.

I also have a Ramon Castro 2007 GU Mets Road Grey Jersey I wanted to get signed. But, Ramon is always in the bullpen during the autograph session. I decided not to stay and graph outside after the game. I will have plenty of chances when the Ducks come home off there road trip.

I do not have any affiliated games planned in the next week or 2. But, who knows what I will do.

I picked up another nice addition to my Mets GU collection the other day. A 2003 Opening day 2nd base. It is signed my Joe McEwing and Jason Phillips. But, I will not be counting them as part of my collection since I didn't get them myself and I do not plan on getting it signed by others. I do not like how the auto's come out on bases. It is MLB autheticated and has hologram.
Now  I have 1 base from Citi Field and 1 from Shea. How sick would it be to have a base from the Polo Grounds!! Back then they didn't save memorabilia like that from the stadiums. I would imagine anything from the Polo Grounds would be worth some good money. One day when I get the room I will start to buy whole seats from stadiums starting with Shea.

Thanks for reading and Check back soon!!!