Patriots @ Ducks, 4th of July

Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July.
The 4th of July was my 20th game of the season. The Somerset Patriots played the Ducks in the 3rd game of a 3 game series. The Ducks won in dramatic fashion behind a 2 homer game by former Brewer Bill Hall.

I did not have much for both teams.
On the Somerset side I got the following.
Eddy Martinez-Esteve, 2 cards. Eddy was a 2nd rd pick in 2004 by the Giants. He spent 8 of his 10 years playing in the Giants and Mariners systems getting as high as AAA. He has been in the ATL for the last 2 seasons.
Brad Thompson, 2 cards.. I picked up a 10 card lot of 2004 Just Minors and have gotten 5 of them signed. and I gave away the others. If anyone is interested in a trade for a couple. Just message me.
Roy Merritt, 2 cards. Roy was a 29th Rd pick in 2007 of the Mets. He spent 5 seasons in the Mets system getting as high as AAA. In the last 2 seasons he has split time between the ATL and the Mexican league.

On the Ducks side I got
James Houser on one of my 8x10's

Since it was the 4th of July there was a special ceremony before the game. A large flag was held by Ducks staff, the Ducks and the Patriots behind home plate while the National Anthem was sung.

I wish I had access to the club section behind home plate. That would have been the best place to take the picture.

In the next day or 2. I should be writing 2 new posts. For those of you who are not friends of mine on facebook. You will have to wait. I'm sure you will be excited to read about my most recent IP experience

I will say it was one of the most exciting IP experiences I've ever had. I will leave it at that and you guys will have to wait. Sorry

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!!