Lancaster Barnstormers @ Ducks

Last night was game 40 for me on the season. The Barnstormers are in town to play a 3 game series. These are the last 3 home game of the regular season for the Ducks and they finish the season with 3 games in Somerset starting friday night.
I did not have much for the Barnstormers.
Kyle Russell, 3 cards. Kyle was a 3rd rd pick in 2008 by the Dodgers. He started this season in the Braves system in AA. He has reached as high as AAA while in the Dodgers system. Kyle does not seem to sign duplicates. I had 6 cards total.
Butch Hobson, 1 5x7 Yankee Stadium custom

I had 4 more Ducks team cards to get and was able to get
Kevin Baez
Buddy Harrelson
The only cards I didn't not get signed of the players still active are Josh Barfield and Bill Murphy. Oh and also Quackerjack.

Monday night the Ducks wore pick jerseys to commemorate Breast Cancer awareness and the Jerseys were auctioned off to raise money for the cancer society. I won P.J. Phillips jersey and got him to sign it on the numbers.

This season the Ducks seemed to cheap out on these jerseys. They look more like t-shirts then jerseys. I was told there was a problem with the initial order for jerseys and these were the replacements.

The Ducks still have 2 more home games left. One tonight and 1 tomorrow.
The Ducks are on a 6 game loseing streak and are hanging onto the division lead by 1 game over the Bluefish. This could have been the last game for me this season. Unless they can hang on the division lead.
As I write this, the Ducks are winning. But, last night they lead the game off with 5 runs and ended up losing.

I may graph a Met game before the end of the season and I'm also considering going back to Allentown next week for the AAA Championship game. Its during the week. So, I'm not sure.

Thanks for Reading and Check Back Soon!!!